Friday, April 17, 2015

Presentation, demand

You know your kid really loves learning about history when you walk into the school room to start your day and they greet you with signage that has presentation demands.  Kal-El was anxious to start studying ancient Rome.


  1. Now THERE is a study that could take a LONG time - our started, branched off, came back.... and really ---- it hasn't ended. Yet. 5 YEARS in.

    But it is SO fascinating!

  2. Too funny! Signage. I am not going to show this to T or S, or even D at this point, because I can't handle that many requests, or rather demands.
    What is in your white cabinet there on the bottom shelf?

  3. Love it. My son just tried to stay up as late as possible talking history with definitely earned him a few extra minutes. :)

  4. In my house, because we have to depend on Wikipedia instead of good old Encyclopedias, it's generally - "Can I get on the computer to research_________?" I'm not sure if it's the research that draws them, or the permission to look on the computer, but we spend considerable amounts of time doing that sometimes.
    Because, you know, we can't go to the library EVERY day. They would start charging us rent.