Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gearing Up

I am gearing up for the new school year!  We will start back to work on September 1st.  I've been filling in the headers on my lesson plan books, cleaning up, and ordering materials.

Last night, late, I sat down and did my main order for the year.  This *might* have been my last Montessori "materials" order ever.  I *might* have everything now.  My husband claims I say that every year (I don't think I do).  There will always be Montessori "curriculum" materials I will want to order (cards from ETC or Maitri) but I might have all of the traditional "materials."

This was for sure my last BIG order.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered the remainder of the geometry materials:  iron equivalence plates, Pythagoras plates, hollow volume shapes and the wooden cubes to fill them, yellow prisms for volume, and an extra geometric cabinet to hold it all.

I also made sure I had all the cursive workbooks, AAS books, SOTW materials, etc., that I need for the year.  We had to call the credit card company this morning to get it restarted again.  About halfway through my ordering session last night they turned off my husband's credit card because they thought it was jacked and I had to use mine to finish up. Unfortunately they shut it off after I had ordered only about three inexpensive books from three different places and my grammar package from ETC. They shut it off BEFORE I had ordered the expensive stuff for geometry.  I thought their computer program for that would have been more sophisticated.  They never turned it off when we charging things all over South Dakota and Wyoming on vacation.  However, when order a couple of things from companies I've ordered from twice a year for five years and they shut it off.  Who can figure?

I will probably post some pictures of our most massive homeschool fieldtrip of all time (or "vacation") to the Badlands, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park.  I will also post soon about where each of the kids left off in the albums in June.  I also received some exciting materials to review and tell you all about that should save some of you a ton of work.

Stay tuned!


  1. So excited to see you back! :) I hope you had a great summer! We are getting things moving around here, and how fun to get new school materials in! :) I tend to agree on your husband's side - there's always something that ends up being needed! :) We are slow and steady about trying to add what we need over here, and looking forward to seeing how your year begins!

  2. Yay, you are back up and running! Can't wait for things to start rolling so I can get a glimpse into your schooling again! We'll be starting mid September. I've been working on charts like crazy! I think I made 12 charts just this week alone! Please don't tell me your giving away a free set of specially made Keys of the Universe geography charts...haha!

  3. Me too!! So happy to see you back!! And yes, that happens all the time@! LOL "this its my LAST order"LOL!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of your vacations@!! Feliz Enseñanza Montessori!!

  4. So THAT is how you do that. Fill in the headers in the lesson plan books BEFOREHAND. I gave up on those books since I hated filling in the lesson plan headers. But mine were always switching around anyway. I just use a composition book and keep EVERYTHING in there kind of like a journal.

    Doesn't it feel kind of weird to not have more really expensive traditional materials on your shopping list? It is kind of a load off I've gotta confess. I think I might have just one or two items left, but man, we've collected them all. Your children will appreciate metal geometry materials. I know that this isn't an option for everyone, but there is just that "something" about getting your hands on that material that is completely different that entices the children. My youngest played with ours for hours after the shipment arrived.

    Wow, all the SOTW materials, or are you meaning just the official texts you need? I find that the craft projects have me running to the store each weekend.

    Oh no, about the CC stuff. How frustrating!

    We are staying tuned! Now I need to figure out how to get my camera fixed, or how to get a new one before we are too far in the thick of it. As you know, I've already missed documenting a bunch of lessons!

    Happy to have you back.

    1. LOL, yup. Fill them in AHEAD. I used to change them a lot but I've settled on headers that seem to fit all of our situations. I fill them in with mechanical pencil. It's not a big deal to change one here and there if I were to change my mind.

      NO! JUST the activity book, cd's, book, and this year I ordered the student sheets so I don't have to photocopy them. I'm going to comb bind them so that they don't have hole punch them every day. We only do a craft if it appeals to me that week. A good mom would let them read about the crafts and pick one if it appeals to THEM. But, if that were the case we'd be spending many many hours making paper mache Greek body armour and Spartan helmets.

      Get you camera fixed! We left ours in a hotel lobby in Fargo, ND. They mailed it to us though.

      The worst part about the credit card is that I had to sit withy my hubby while he called the company and they read the list of approved and attempted charges with the company name and MONEY AMOUNT. I was within my budget, but he doesn't like to be reminded of how big the budget is. His mouth just kept dropping further and further.

      I had decided against the ETC money curriculum and placed my order. Then I remembered it wasn't the money curriculum I was considering it was the MEASUREMENT curriculum. Doh. I think I'll wait a couple months. It will take some time just to implement or incorporate the other things that are already coming.

  5. I would figure that the mechanical pencil would be key too. I just stocked up on the red composition books I always use. They are 50 cents at back-to-school time, and $3 otherwise. My lesson plans are just mixed in with everything else I document chronologically.

    I was also thinking about that, just ordering another set of the SWOT student sheets. (D would only really like to do the coloring sheets I imagine.) So that I don't have to photocopy everything. Papermache helmets humn. :)

    I have no idea how much it costs to get a camera motor fixed vs. getting a new/refurbished one. When I read that you had yours sent back from ND, my heart skipped a beat!

    Oh, I never tell my husband exactly how much the MMaterials cost. I can just imagine the heart sinking feeling about that!

    Sorry about the miss-order. There is usually always "next-time." Off to find a camera store.

  6. Oh, and let me know if the one extra geometry cabinet works to fit everything for you. Did you see mine? I don't remember.