Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ultimate Homeschool Fieldtrip 2015: Part Four

We left the Badlands after our nature drive and headed for Mount Rushmore.  We made a lot of stops along the way.  One, of course, was Wall Drug.  Four free waters and three homemade doughnuts later we were back on the road.

The boys were very impressed with Mount Rushmore.

Check out this dog!

We arrived at the parking lot for Mount Rushmore 30 seconds before the entire Latin American Motorcycle Association and/or the Harlistas.

The boys were excited that after the extra Spanish this year they were catching a word or two.  The most often overheard phrases were "toma una foto" and "vamos al caballo loco."

We did NOT "vamos al caballo loco" on this trip, but spent a few hours enjoying the view at Mount Rushmore.

We even had a sandwich under the watchful gaze of Washington and Lincoln.


  1. great shots of the boys!! they look so TALL! Mt. Rushmore is someplace I definitely want to visit at one point in my life. Maybe not during the summer when the bikers head there. I'll tell you about how I may know this that another time. How long did it take you drive there?

  2. And Kal-El and Me Too look so different now than they did when you took your blog header pictures. Maybe time for an update? :)

    1. I'd have to accidentally get a very good batch of pictures. I don't think I can bear to take down the pic of Me Too with the knobless cylinders in his Robin costume :(

  3. Of course, I had to google a Spanish/English translation to find out they were going to the Crazy Horse (or the horse was going crazy) LOL
    What a trip! I would LOVE to take my children there, but that's quite the trip up North for us. Not sure how my husband would feel about it :) I am so glad to see that your boys enjoyed it, and hope you've been able to relive it with a little less anxiety than when you were canyon side :)