Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ultimate Homeschool Fieldtrip 2015: Part Two

My husband picked all of the beautiful hikes for us on this trip.  His first attempt to kill us all was the Notch Trail in the Badlands National Park.

Didn't see any.

Me Too almost to the top of the canyon face via this fifty-rung "ladder."  I was less terrified when he climbed the ladder than I was when he was the first one to the top and I realized he was now alone on the edge of a canyon.

Here the boys are either reflecting on the beautiful view or one of the many drop-offs that kicked off my vacation-long "the boys are going to fall" panic attack.


  1. What a gorgeous vacation.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Ahhhh, you know how much I love heights. And snakes. You are brave.

  3. LOL! 'my vacation long the-boys-are-going-to-fall anxiety attack' - bless your heart, but you do tell a story so well! I am not a fan of heights, and generally the fear of "What is there is a snake" ends up being an afterthought that has me back-tracking. I have to admit to liking snakes behind glass ONLY. I am so glad to be reading this after the vacation, to know that you did indeed make it back, all safe and sound!

  4. heights and snakes.....hummmm..... LOL love the pics!!!