Monday, September 28, 2015

Building a Roman Road

We had beautiful weather last week.  The boys and I found a great spot near our shed to build a Roman road that they can enjoy until it deteriorates.  Note:  some of the real Roman roads still exist today, but I don't think our methods were as precisely implemented.  The boys each dug a trench and they filled the trench with somewhat long, thin rocks to make a curb.

Then they dug a out between the two trenches.

Truman was the site supervisor.

building a Roman road for kids

They filled the center about halfway full with sand.

Next, they added a layer of gravel (aquarium rocks).

The next layer was a layer of concrete.  We didn't have any concrete mix around and I didn't want to buy a big bag just to use a little bit (and I didn't feel like mixing concrete).  So, we used Dap pre-mixed concrete patch instead.  It is not the same thing as real concrete.

Finally, they used flat rocks and layered them on the top like puzzle pieces.

Building a Roman road was one of the suggested followups in a chapter of Story of the World.  We didn't follow their instructions though.  They wanted you to do it in a shoebox lid with thin layers of things mixed with glue.  We followed the description of the real thing given in David Macaulay's City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction.  The Roman road page is pictured above.  It is SUCH a great book I bought us a copy to keep.  It is a great resource for arch's and aqueducts and more.


  1. Ahhh...learning by doing. So awesome, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your wealth of ideas, resources, and experiences! You are such an inspiration!

  2. How fun! I love that they were able to do this! I'll have to mentally bookmark the idea for the future :)

  3. Such a cool road. And what a nice mom that you let them build that somewhere between your hedge bushes! Can't wait to see aqueducts and arches.