Friday, December 11, 2015

Well, That's Just Messed Up

What's really messed up right now is something to do with the photo quality on my blog, but things with our Elf on the Shelf are a little bizarre as well.  I had nothing to do with this.  Pinocchio lives in our school room as a reminder that matter requires energy.

I've noticed that my blog images look terrible in Bloglovin.  They look fine on the blog but seriously blurry and pixelated in Bloglovin.  I've looked into this and have found others with the same problem but no real solutions.  What I am reading suggests that Bloglovin pull thumbnails not your actual pictures and if you thumbnail size is too small the images are ruined.  So yesterday I was busy hacking my template to increase my thumbnail size.  I think I did it, but now I see that every post has a thumbnail added of my first image.  That's not what I wanted.  It also seems that this is not going to fix any photos beyond the first photo in the post.  If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.  This is a new problem so I can only assume Blogger changed something under the hood.  A few months ago I noticed that all my photos looked terrible on the blog.  Again, something under the hood had changed and I now have to reset the image size from s400 to s1600 or s800 for each individual photo.  I have a feeling the two problems are linked but I am flummoxed.

Speaking of messed up, a different day we all discovered Rosco, our Spanish-speaking associate Spanish instructor, chomping on Alfie.  Again, I am NOT responsible.  Kal-El saw him and yelled, "Rosco!  No come Alfie!"  I think we are getting somewhere, with Spanish not with the blog images.  I have no energy left for digging around in my html code again today.  The blog will have to have weird extra thumbnails for a day or two.

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