Monday, January 11, 2016

What DID We Do All Day? on Instagram

We started something new today.  You can now follow us on Instagram @whatdidwedoallday.  I thought that Instagram might be a way to show you all what we are doing a LOT more frequently.  I've already posted several photos today.  If you are an Instagram user, I encourage you to follow us.

I think it is great that you do not have to have an Instagram account to view the pictures.  You can easily see my posts via web browser.  I have also put a slideshow in my right-hand sidebar on the blog that will show my most recent photos.  If you click on one, you can see the text that goes along with the photo and view other photos I've posted.  A link to our Instagram feed is also now present on our Facebook page in the left-hand sidebar under "apps."  If you click there a grid of all of my Instagram posts will show up and if you float your mouse over them you can see the text.

I believe that you do have to have an Instagram account to leave comments on the photos.  I love to see your comments so I hope many of you do!


  1. Perfect!!! I am going to find you now! Unfortunately, I personally can't post pictures because of an annoying crack on my screen that messes with the screen, but I can definitely follow and comment!

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