Monday, February 22, 2016

¿Qué llevas puesto?

"Llevo el vestido."

Last week we practiced a our Spanish vocabulary for clothing with a fun activity.  I filled two bins, one for each child, with a bunch of clothes that belonged to either me or my husband that fit the target vocabulary.  I intentionally wanted clothing that was too big so that they could get things on and off quickly because sometimes they were racing.  We started with me handing them little vocabulary cards from our blackline masters and they raced to find the item they were handed, put it on, get back to me and answer my questions in Spanish.  

"¿Qué llevas puesto?"
"Llevo la falda rosada."

"Llevo el traje de baño." 
"¿De qué color es?"
"Es anaranjado."

They are working on their article and adjective agreement when they answer my questions.

"Llevo el suéter"

"Llevo la blusa morada."

The boys find putting together an outfit themselves with 30 seconds on the stopwatch to be the most fun and they describe their whole ensemble.

Truman was busy trying to steal all of the calcetines.


  1. Sounds super fun! If Truman is willing to participate maybe you can help them conjugate with "el perro lleva...." Also, you can add second conjugation "Tú llevas...." when they describe what the other one is wearing.

  2. Que forma más divertida de presentar español!!! Me encanta! Saludos desde Puerto Rico!!