Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Day of School 2016/2017

Everyone posted their back-to-school photos on Facebook today.  This was ours.  No backpacks or school bus required.  Today was our first day back for the new school year.  We loosely follow the public school calendar.

Predictably Me Too started his school day with some research on dogs.

In the photo above, Kal-El is working on his art lesson.  Today the lesson mostly involved practicing good circles by drawing snowmen and reviewing foreground, background and perspective by adding evergreens and active snowfall.  However, what is most interesting about this picture is the notebook under his elbow.  Kal-El approached me this summer and gave me an elaborate presentation on "bullet journals."  His best friend uses one at school and Kal-El told me all about it, had me watch some videos, and then asked politely if I would buy him a notebook so he could make one.  A bullet journal is basically a Montessori elementary work journals so I couldn't say "yes" fast enough.  So, under Kal-El's elbow is his "bullet journal" and he is keeping his own work journal for the very first time.

After Kal-El completed his work in our art curriculum he drew me this cartoon.  It is what he remembered from a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon but cracked me up nonetheless.

It was a beautiful day so we did a lot of work on the front porch.  At the end of the day I gave them "back to school" gifts.  Me Too received a book called "Inside the Dog."  Truman is not in our back to school photos because we got to see what was "inside the dog" when he vomited shortly before these pictures.  He either ate a mushroom in the lawn or didn't have enough for breakfast.  We're not sure but he's fine now.

 Kal-El received the first Harry Potter book.  I haven't allowed him to start these until now.  I feel like each book matures along with the children in the book.  That worked well when they were brand new and came out once a year.  The readers got to grow up with the characters.  Now that they are all available at once this puts me in a bit of a pickle.  I let him start because Harry turns eleven at the beginning of the first book and he will soon turn eleven as well.  I haven't decided when I'll let him read the second book yet. I'll let him stew on this one and enjoy it a few times before I decide.

While we were having our first school day construction was going on in the backyard.  Fortunately it wasn't as loud as I would have expected.  I'll update you all on the goings on in the yard another day.


  1. An excellent first day!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Yeay!! First day! It looks beautiful and Warm!! there. Love the front porch shot. (And loved that you didn't get a reflection of yourself in the glass somehow!)

    Just Googled bullet journal. will have to work on this with the kids. S would probably like the "artistic" additions. And all that was needed is for his friend to start using one. And look at that. He is journaling his work!!

    Love the cement mixer in your drive.

  3. Okay, read a bit more about bullet journaling, I've been doing this for years after figuring that Franklin Covey was too expensive. Ditched the pre-printed sheets and just did the same concept in a composition book. I get comp books on sale for $0.50 each during back to school time and do this, everyday, for everything. Gosh, didn't know that people would think this was so novel. :)

  4. Feliz Primer Dia!!! You're back!!! So glad to read you!!! Love the "relax" looks of your big boys reading in the porch!!! Hugs!