Saturday, February 25, 2017


Here Me Too is working on "attributes" work (set theory, patterning, deductive reasoning).  You can see behind him Kal-El is working on the flags of Asia with our Pin It! Maps.  We have these sorting circles.  You could use yarn, ribbon or string.  We also have these Attribute Blocks.  I can't think of a way around needing those if you are supplementing your homeschool with this work.  The circles have a 20" diameter and are collapsible.  There are 60 blocks in the block set.  They consist of five shapes in three colors, two sizes, and two thicknesses.  Our larger pieces are about 3" x 3".  You can get a "jumbo" version of this set with bigger blocks but I don't know how full your circles would get when you use a lot of pieces at once.  

We use our sets with task cards from ETC Montessori.  The boys completed the lower elementary set in the fall and I think they started the upper elementary after Christmas.

Lower elementary attributes cards
Upper elementary attributes cards

The lower elementary set has the advantage of coming with a small teacher's album of sorts including presentations.  It is not a perfect material.  It worked well enough.  However, some things were very poorly thought out.  For example, it comes with "H mats" and grids (2x2, 4x4) to place your block on but the squares for placing your blocks are smaller than the blocks.  Also, there is a game at the end that is unplayable.  It seems like nobody actually tried to USE the material.

The upper elementary set doesn't come with a manual.  I called about this and they said "the instructions are on the cards."  Sort of.  Some cards make more sense than others.  Also, it seems from the cards that these should have come with a set of labels for choosing labels for your rings but didn't include any.  We write them on paper or on little dry erase boards which they prefer.

The task card Me Too was working from looked like this:

Check out the cute paper clip!  A company named Avirgo sells these on Amazon.  We use them to keep the boys places in card sets as they work through them.  The have dozens of different kinds.   We have Star Wars, Minions, and Harry Potter.

The card tells him to place certain blocks in the circles as drawn.  The thickness of the outline tells you if it is thin or thick.  If you are teaching a kid to do these, it is important that the next step be labelling the circles.  Sometimes Me Too tries to add the remaining blocks as instructed because it doesn't tell you to make the labels.  This can go very wrong very fast.  If they place the selected blocks, label, THEN add blocks it goes perfectly.


  1. We just ordered the attributes set and circles on amazon- thank you. Let me know if your interested in selling the lower El task cards ��

    1. *you're..... cannot let that grammar mistake haunt me all day!

    2. I am ready to sell both my upper and lower attributes task cards if you are still interested, I know it has been a few months. If you are interested e-mail me at whatdidwedoallday at

  2. T sits exactly like that. All the time. He has a chin patch that doesn't go away.

    This looks like a work that T would love, S would hate, and D would want to do. So cool, and thanks for sharing your opinion about the functionality of the materials. It is always good to see how they "work" out. All three kids here are working on the ETC Word Study cards.