Sound Bins

This page is a consolidation of all of my posts that detail the specific objects we use in our sound bind and other language work.  Getting all of these posted is a work in progress. We use these weekly and rotate them quickly so I don't always get them photographed. The posts about them will vary in focus. Sometimes I honored a bin with its own post and other times it was included as part of a general "school day" post.

I pull objects for my sound bins from our miniatures collection.  I posted about the collection, acquisition, and storage here:

Now, on to the objects collections.

I have listed the double-letter sounds first (in alphabetical order) because people tend to look for those first (and I am better about photographing them). The single-letter sounds follow (also in alphabetical order). I am making a point to photograph the bins as Me Too reviews them and I think I will eventually have all 40 sounds available here.

AI Sound bin


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