Friday, January 30, 2009

Field Trip: Rock Climbing

What?  Doesn't everyone take their three-year-old and 19 month-old rock climbing?

Daddy chaperoned a field trip to a local rock-climbing venue today, so I met him there and the boys got to go on a field trip too!  We watched Daddy climb several walls first.  Kal-El thought it was fantastic until he got about 15 feet up and then started shouting "No Daddy!  That's too up-high!  Come down RIGHT NOW!"  (For those of you that know me personally, it's much funnier if you picture him saying that in MY "you better listen" voice.)  We finally convinced him that it was okay because Daddy was attached to a rope.

Perhaps for that reason, Kal-El refused to "participate" himself unless he too was attached to a rope.  Because he had no harness to clip to, he made do by threading any loose ropes that came along through his belt loops.  Then he was good to go.

It's hard concentrating on getting "strapped in" when there are so many interesting thing going on up near the ceiling...

We spent a lot of time cheering on other kids and, of course, Daddy.  Kal-El shouted lots of "good job Daddy," "You can do it," and as any self-respecting Bob the Builder fan would say, "Can he do it?.....Yes he can!"  Even Me Too got in on the action and shouted "Goo Jaa Da Da."  (Good job Daddy.)  Me Too had NO fear of rock climbing, but a lot of fear of any friendly people that dared say "hello" to him.

On the way home in the car Kal-El said, "I'm very tired from climbing mountains, but I want to do it again."

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