Monday, January 26, 2009

Montessori Monday

We spend time in our Montessori school room at least three days a week.  However, Monday seems to be becoming my favorite day to bring the camera in and document what we are doing. In light of that discovery, I thought I would institute "Montessori Mondays" and give you a run down of what we did all day.

We had a lot of fun with some new works today.

Me Too was kept very busy with his new peg board set.  He had just as much fun taking them in and out of the bag as he did sticking them in the holes.  Zipping and unzipping the bag was also a big draw.  When he discovered you can stick them together like crayola markers, he was ecstatic.  He didn't even realize you can stack them yet...oh, the excitement!

The peg board kept Me Too fairly busy so Kal-El was able to try his new flower arranging activity in peace.  He really, really enjoyed this.  I bought a three bunches of (faux) flowers at Steins Garden and Gifts for a dollar per bunch.  I cut them apart with a wire clipper so that he would have a lot of flowers to work with.  The flowers fit in a large, galvanized steel ice bucket that my sister (thank you Auntie!) gave my husband beer in for Christmas a couple of years ago.  That bucket is the gift that keeps on giving, it has been reincarnated all over the house for many uses over the last several years.  For a while it was an excellent "trough" for the horses in Me Too's cowboy bedroom and we stored books in it.  It may wind up back there, but for now it is perfect for this work.  It holds the flowers, several small vases, and some jars I re-purposed from our earlier "opening and closing containers" work.

After he finished arranging his flowers, Kal-El and Me Too carried them (good lesson in carrying carefully with two hands and walking slowly) around the house and found places that need to be made "beautiful."  This activity usually involves real flowers.  We do it that way when I actually have real flowers, but that incarnation is not practical for us as a long-term addition to our shelves.

I put a set of extension activities for our Pink Tower out on the shelves several weeks ago, but they sat untouched until today.  I rolled out my own rug and started doing them myself.  All of a sudden everyone found them fascinating.  

Me Too found them so fascinating it became impossible for Kal-El to do the activity.  There was way too much interference.  So, I had to redirect Me Too.  I said, "No, this is Kal-El's work on his rug.  Me Too should work on the pegs on his own rug."  The was Me Too's reaction (you can see how the boys made the work table "beautiful" today in this photo as well):

When we ignored his tantrum on the table, he came a little closer to make sure we knew he was sad.

Kal-El felt so bad for him he comforted him.  He patted him on the back, said "It's Okay!" and then held his hand and walked Me Too back to his own rug.  Then they sat together and worked on the peg board as a team.  Kal-El called out every few seconds "We're working together!"  

I always see a lot of questions on the Montessori boards on Yahoo Groups that ask whether it's possible to homeschool a preschooler when you have little ones around and what that is like.  Yes, it's possible.  It is also unpredictable and somewhat entertaining.  I always find a lot of inspiration on the blogs of mothers who do this with eight or even twelve children.  I figure if they can do it, I can certainly manage two.  


  1. What great photos! I really like all of your pink tower extensions, too!

  2. I thought the first photo of the pink tower extension was a piece of 3D art that you hung up. It actually looks pretty good that way! LOL!

    I'm really enjoying reading about your experiences with schooling the boys. And of course I'm eating up every picture of them with relish.


  3. Your boys are too cute! Oh my gosh, what an expressive little tantrumer and what a wonderful big brother you have :)