Monday, January 19, 2009

School - 1/19/09

We had a great, and LONG school session today.  With both boys.  Kal-El and I usually try to do school for about 45 minutes in the early morning while Me Too is still asleep.  Me Too has been really sensitive to noises lately and as a result has been waking up too early.  I was afraid to go down to the school room and risk waking him up so we all had school together today in the late morning.  I don't know if it was a better time for Kal-El or what, but he had school for more than two hours.  

The above picture does a better job of showing what is currently on the shelves than the ones in my earlier posts.  The picture below shows Me Too's shelves for the first time.

Kal-El's favorite activity by far today was a new one.  I picked up these spiky rubber balls at Target yesterday in the dollar section.  He used tongs for the first time today and was able to do the task right away.

Kal-El loves letters.  He learned his capitals pretty much by accident well before I had figured out that Montessori teaches lowercase first.  I can't un-teach him the capitals, so we are just going out of order.  One positive is that capital letters are easy to make.  He makes letters    out of string, hoses, Lego's, food...whatever he can find.  He was very excited to tell me that he had made a letter "F" out of the pink and purple balls, "his favorites." Here is his letter "F."  

Then he chose transferring water with a dropper.

...transferring lentils with a spoon...

We had our first successful sound sort today!  You can tell by the expression on his face that he is very proud.  I think all of our past sound sorts had been unsuccessful because we were using actual objects and this time we switched to pictures.  Using real objects is supposed to be a good thing...a better point of interest than a photograph.  However, I think it was too interesting.  I would start demonstrating, hold up a car and say "what sound does car start with" he would say "cuh." I would ask him to put it by the letter that makes the "cuh" sound and he would take the car, make vroom vroom noises and drive it around room for thirty minutes.  (Now that I'm putting it in writing, I do see how that could be more fun).  Today we tried our new alphabet sounds photo library pictures and he did the whole thing himself.  He laid out the letters, told me their names and their sounds.  He identified each picture, it's initial sound, and laid it next to the correct letter.  He was only interested in doing one round of this however, and then we were on to his snap dressing frame.

I made the dressing frame myself out of one of his old sweaters and an even older picture frame. I didn't do pretty upholstery tacks like on all the blogs I've seen.  My staple gun was on site and faster. 

It was a challenge having Me Too with us today.  He really is more interested in what's on Kal-El's shelves than his own (why should the school room be any different than the rest of the house?)  He played with his objects basket, and then worked on ladling beans for a long time.  After finishing up with some hammering activities, he spent most of his time playing with the door to the school room.  Opening it and saying "hello!", closing it and saying "bye!"

Kal-El insisted on finishing everything up with a little bit of yoga.

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