Monday, January 19, 2009

Tantrums, an inheritance

Me Too is almost 19 months old...the exact age his brother was when I was so disturbed by changes in his behavior I  pulled my "How to Raise a Happy, Unspoiled Child" book off the shelf to try to figure out what his problem was.  It turns out that his "problem" was that the terrible two's usually start around 18 months, not at around 24.  It is my pleasure to announce that Me too is right on schedule.  One of my important tasks today was to make sure that the pack- n-play was clear of all toys and ready to handle time-outs.  Me too has learned to scream like he's being murdered when things don't go his way (things don't go his way a lot lately).  He also knows how to act like one of the saddest children I have ever seen.  And he wants to make really sure that everyone knows how sad he truly is.

True sadness is generally expressed by lying face down on the floor.  

If he is truly, truly angry this is accompanied by head banging.  If Me Too feels you are not understanding the true depths of his anger he will follow you from room to room and bang his head against the wall once he is sure you are watching.  (He gets this from his Uncle by the way.)

I was horrified to get a glimpse of his forehead around lunch time today.  It seems that he did some damage in the last 24 hours.  It looks worse in person than it does in the photo.  

I guess it is time to do what my Mom used to do with my brother...pick him up and put him on a soft surface.

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