Thursday, January 1, 2009


About my blog:
Just a few years ago it would have been RIDICULOUS to call keeping your three-year-old at home "homeschooling."  Over time, what was once half-day 5K has become full-day and 4K has started to become standard.  This means that in order for preschool to be PRE-school, one would begin at age three.  This has become prevalent enough in our area that maybe 75% of the time when I meet a stranger along with my three-year-old, they ask if he's begun preschool.  Also, the materials and curriculum Maria Montessori designed begin at age three, although the use of the her methods can certainly begin at birth.  So, ridiculous or not, it was time for us to get started.  I still would feel crazy telling a stranger that we are "homeschooling" at this point, it's easier just to say "not yet."  

This blog is my attempt to document our progress following the Montessori method at home combined with as much unschooling as we can.  As the boys get older and friends and family get more curious that they are still not in school, I hope that this can be a place they can go to see "What DID we do all day." 

About us:
I am a "homeschooling" mother of two boys.  Kal-El just turned three in December and Me Too turned one-and-a-half around the same time.  (They are 19 months apart...NOT Irish Twins).  I have been studying the Montessori method informally from the time that my oldest was about 18 months.  

Who this blog is for:
First of all, my apologies to my family for the pseudonyms I will use in this blog.  Although I must say, to anyone who knows the boys "who's who" should be pretty obvious.  I haven't completely decided how private/public this blog will be and I would like to make the child molesters and government spies at least have to work a little bit.  Some of the posts will be geared toward family and some toward fellow Montessori homeschooling moms.  I considered making the blog private, but I find that many the comments left on other Montessori blogs I read (if you look at my sidebar you'll see that there are a lot of them, my freakishly fast reading ability and Google Reader are what makes this possible) are as helpful as the posts themselves.  I'm just not willing to give up the possibility of that network of feedback and commiseration.  It's not a perfect set up, my family will have to suffer through not only pseudonyms but also posts and pictures about how my "environment" is set up even though they have been to my home hundreds of times.  Strangers will have to suffer through the occasional "look at what my cute kid did" posts as well as sub-par basic Montessori summaries intended for those who don't know much about Montessori.

I am not going to try to write eloquent explanations of the Montessori Method.  This has already been done so much better than I can do it by people with much more experience than I have.  I am much more likely to point you in the direction of the books and blogs where I learned myself. So, if you are new to Montessori and need more information please refer to the books and blogs listed in my sidebar.


  1. Hi! I'm trying to find a post where you give tips about blogs. I know I read it somewhere. Anyway, just to let you know I really appreciate the info. I posted something about it over my blog.

  2. Hi, I am new to Montessori and a new mom too. My baby girl is 8 months old and I am worried that I am not giving her enough things to nurture her development. Do you know any blogs of Montessori moms who had babies? Thanks

    1. psy,

      In the left-hand sidebar there is a list of all the Montessori blogs I know of organized by AGE. The very first category is Montessori 0-3 (infant-toddler). I think there are 50 blogs listed in that category. The next category has 3-4 blog in it and are Montessori infant/toddler communities. You'll have to browse the blog and find the ones that suit your personality and child's specific age. Remember that people's kids will be at their oldest in the most current posts, but you can go backwards through the the blogs to find younger kids. Some of the infant/toddler blogs have older kids too so you will see an mix of information on some.

      You should also read the book "Montessori from the Start."

  3. I just started to look at your blog. I wish I had found it sooner. I am not 100% Montessori homeschooler. I use what I like and add my other things in the mix. I have two kids 4 (girl) and 3 (boy) (17 months apart), and the extra challenge to keep them proficient in two languages. Your blog is an amazing inspiration. I guess I have a lot of reading to do =) There is just so much to learn about the Montessori method. Thank you for making it fun. I loved your comments on consumerism from the post on the Waseca materials. Any advice for an overwhelmed, without Montessori training homeschooling mom ? Feel free to look at my blog (by no means anything as fabulous as yours!).