Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Basement-In Action


I hope you enjoy these pictures of the new basement playroom in action.  We haven't had a chance to take "glamour shots" yet, but I think you can see how much the cousins enjoyed it.

How many kids can we get on that climber?

The red garage tiles turned out to be an extra step and expense, for now.  When our carpet estimates came in a lot higher than we expected, we decided to use the pile of  foam playroom tiles we had sitting in the basement (25 cents each at a rummage) instead.  That kind of foam tile could just be lifted and dried out if there were a water problem.  We plan to carpet several years down the road when it is time for the room to reach a new level of "sophistication" so it's not really wasted just done very early.  We can move the tiles to the rest of the basement as planned when that time comes.  I do like to believe that having the floor raised on the garage tiles is making the floor warmer and a degree softer.

Piled at the bottom of the stairs...we are going to hide the hole to the crawlspace with some vinyl outdoor shutters that we haven't ordered yet.  Daddy bought in-stock carpet and carpet pad at home depot and installed it himself with a utility knife and our staple gun.

The boys were fascinated by the superheroes on the wall.

The only obvious omission on the superhero front is proved impossible to find a Batman poster that wasn't too scary.  As it is, Kal-El is afraid of the Hulk.  He never fails to give him a suspicious sidelong glance before barreling down the big slide.  Sometimes Bobo the Bear comes down the slide with him to "roar the Hulk away."

My husband is very proud of the new door you can see in the picture above.  Installing it proved to be a pain even though it was pre-hung. And, as everyone knows, it is a real pain to paint a door.

Kal-El and his cousin having coffee in the playhouse.

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  1. It looks great and I can't wait for the boys to show me their new playroom in person.