Sunday, February 22, 2009

Basement Project - Before

Please sit back and enjoy a tour of what you will NO LONGER SEE in what is now our basement playroom. I'm sure you will be shocked when I tell you that the previous owners finished this room in the basement in the 1970's

The retro, tavern ambience is gone.  No more delightfully darker-than-dark lower paneling carefully contrasted with textured upper paneling the color of a spoiled eggwhite.  No more rough hewn, badly matched, cedar planks painted brown, brown, brown for that faux "tudor" look.  No more crumbling black rubber wrapped around the support pole.

Gone are the cabinets (The doors already gone in this picture.  They used to match the cabinet doors in the next picture) that were unfinished inside, except for the choice of yellow (yellow?  really?  Who chose this yellow?) dry-lock paint.

Gone are the bright, bright red imitation barn doors (they hide a pipe and more yellow paint). Gone is the red plaid carpet and creepy cabinet under the stairs.

Gone are the red cabinets and red sink that actually had no plumbing.

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