Friday, February 6, 2009

Field Trip: Zoo

This is what northern children look like when they go to the zoo in February.

We were blessed with a 32 degree day.  In our climate, that means "make like it's spring" and do something outdoors.  I didn't even have my coat on part of the time.  This a little different than Mr. Intensity over at Havin' Fun Yet who declared  "Brrr...feels like winter" when it was 62 degrees.  Obviously, there are a lot of things to do indoors at the zoo or the warm-weather animals would look more like taxidermy in an ice cube.  So, most of the time the boys were actually overdressed.

It was hard to get pictures of Kal-El because he was dizzy with happiness.  Between seeing the zoo and his friends all at once, he was like a puppy you're hoping won't pee on the floor because someone is at the door.  I don't think he said a single sentence that didn't end in an exclamation point.  I can't find "sport mode" on my new camera, and "dizzy with happiness" doesn't photograph well without it.

Here he is, running around pointing things out to his friends.

Me Too was completely in awe when he discovered a tropical wonderland and what he interpreted as flying dogs (birds) in the aviary.  

His favorite exhibit was by far the aquarium.  He kept chasing the fish and trying to touch them, until one happened to swim straight at him and he jumped back like he had just touched something hot.

Everyone seemed to have reverance for the large aquarium.

This was my view for most of the day...


  1. loved the "flying dogs" picture!
    BTW, I talked to my sis (who's in KY) yesterday. She said, "we're having a heat wave. It's 45* and I didn't wear my coat running errands."

    I wore flip flops & Mr. Intensity was in shorts/t-shirt and went bare foot most of the day.

  2. It's even warmer today, I am trying to think of ways to take advantage of it. Maybe I'll take Beefcake for a walk, but with all the melting snow I know his paws will get filthy, but he is getting a bath this weekend anyways...we'll see.
    -Auntie R