Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grocery Store: The Aftermath

Today turned out to be grocery day at our house.  I posted previously a little bit about what grocery day is like for us.  It is such a big part of our week I made sure to get some pictures today so I can look back at them when they are all grown up.  

For now, I'm in charge of unloading all of the groceries from the trunk into the house here by the door to the garage.  

The boys unload the groceries from the bags into their shopping cart, filling it as full as they wish, and make multiple trips into the kitchen to unload.  Kal-El takes care of the heavy items...

Me Too makes sure he gets a turn to push...

Sometimes the cart gets a little too full.

First trip into the kitchen...

Each week Kal-El learns where a couple more things get put away in the kitchen.  He knows where most things go now.  Such as where to put the milk.

Putting the asparagus in the crisper...

Putting the fruit on a plate...

It is getting so as I don't have to do much.  As I was typing this I suddenly thought "Oh no!  We must have lost our bananas, I don't remember seeing the bananas when we got home." I just peaked in at the fruit bowl, and there they are.  Bananas were probably the first thing Kal-El ever put away himself and he is really proud to take care of it all on his own.

We made the mistake of going to McDonald's playland for lunch in-between a doctors appointment and the grocery store.  Not that there is actually ever a good time to take your kids to McDonalds, but I thought we'd be pretty safe going in for an early lunch on a weekday.  I don't know if there was no school today or what, but there were about six school-aged kids there with someone who behaved as if they were their nanny.  Another four or more showed up a little later.  They were so rough, wild, rowdy, and loud that Kal-El was too scared to play and we had to go home.

Yes, I realize this post has too many pictures.  Is there an unwritten rule about how many pictures it is polite to put in one post?  If so, someone please tell me.  The decision-making skills necessary to pick out which of the above to delete were beyond me today.  I'm sure a unbiased observer would have no problem.  I'm positive my husband will delete the one of Kal-El lifting the milk right away because it's blurry.  I have a problem deleting a photo just because it shows poor photography skills if I like the spirit behind the photo.  It's like a disease really.  At any rate, consider this post sort of a "photo diary" and I'll try to restrain myself next time.


  1. I like photos so I don't know if there is an amount that is polite. I think your family especially likes the photos, but for non-family it may be a bit much. When I edit my photos monthly I have decided to discard any that are blurred, too dark, or even if E. is has kind of a blank stare (unless of course it is documenting some sort of event that will not happen again). In the four months E. has been alive I realize we have tons of really cute photos so I can discard the ones that are so only so so and we will still be o.k. So bring on the photos. Make sure to get Me Too posted as know that whole second child no photo thing happens. love, Auntie R

  2. These photos are BEYOND adorable! What an easy and wonderful way to encourage independence. We eat breakfast and lunch in our classroom now, and I have a few helpers who get things set up before I can even look to see if it's done too. It's such a great feeling.

  3. There are never too many photos for me:) I suppose if I had to choose I would have only put one of the asparagus, one of him putting the fruit on the plate and one of them putting the groceries in the cart.

    It is hard to choose. I have to perform triage when I scrapbook and it's not my favorite part:(

    I'm so glad that the boys are really doing something helpful. They are learning to be part of a family and that everyone has to pitch in. It's good for you and good for them as well.

    It makes them feel like they are an important part of the family and have contributions to make. You can see how happy they are to help and feel so accomplished. I hope they still feel that way about helping when they are 13!


  4. I loved all of the pictures. I am a very visual person and get the idea better by seeing the pictures. I have never had the kids help me with groceries to this extent. But I will start now! I also loved looking at your Kitchen cabinets! They look very nice :-)

  5. Question: How does a Nanny behave? :)
    I always get confused for their Mom so I must not act like one. :p

    Also, the more pictures the better for me. I'm a visual learner, I guess. Plus they are just so darn cute.

  6. Amber,

    She acted like the Nanny by referring to their mother(s) in the third person for one...

  7. I hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way. I was just teasing. :)

    Also, I have learned Playland McDonalds ALWAYS has children playing no matter what day/time!