Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Weekend

It was a wild weekend with double the usual amount of children in the house!  My kids were exhausted and spoiled rotten from all of the excitement and multiple trips to play facilities.  There aren't "play gyms" where my niece and nephew live like there are here.  I think I have mentioned that we seem to live in a play gym "hub."  We have more than 15 at last count within a 1 minute to 30 minute drive.  We have decided it is due to an abundance of large, available, and relatively cheap plots of land in a relatively affluent area.  We had a list of five places we wanted to try to get to this weekend, and we made it to three...enough I would say.

Friday night, after flying on an airplane and "tearin' it up" in the boys playroom, my niece and nephew managed to find the energy to go to an open gym at a gymnastics studio after my kids went to bed.

Saturday morning we spent two hours at one of those places that has all of the inflatable climbing equipment.  This was the first time that Me Too was brave enough to tackle even the "big kid" slides. The following video shows (what we like to think) are his amazing climbing skills.  If you are not family, I recommend you skip it because it is a little slow and kids you are not related too are always less amazing then their parents think they are.  

 It was a whole new experience for Kal-El, because his older cousin took on a very protective and caring role and escorted him up and down all of the slides and obstacle courses.  She made sure he made it safely up the ladders, held his hand throughout the whole gym, and protected him from rowdy "big kids."  


Sunday, my boys stayed home for some much-needed rest and the cousins took a trip to see my husbands 95-year-old grandmother.

Miraculously, with energy still available, we went to another play gym on Monday.  We were thrilled that there were only two other families there that morning.  This is where Me Too played the steel drum (first photo).  They have hundred of activities.  Our four children commandeered the three-story pirate ship for the day.  None of the kids could seem to figure out which end of the telescope to look into.

The "construction zone" was a huge hit with buckets on pulleys, blocks, and pieces of pvc pipe to assemble into a "plumbing" system.  Kal-El was working on pipes for about an hour.

Me Too repeatedly practiced his new-found independence and climbing skills climbing the gang-plank to the three house (and giving Mommy and Daddy repeated heart attacks).

He also like the soft climbing materials in the "little kid" zone.

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  1. HI,

    I am a mbr of that yahoo group montessori by hand as well, and came across your post which led me here, I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old and hope to start instituting some montessori in our life soon, I have the gettman book, and am anxious to get started and read along with you as you continue with your boys!