Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Feed Issues

So....I somehow messed up my RSS feed.  On March 7th I started using "feedburner" and it seems that people who were subscribed to this blog stopped getting updated posts.  I tried subscribing to my own blog on my own Google reader, and it only fed posts thru March 7th.  I asked it to "refresh" and my more recent posts suddenly appeared.  Today I deleted my feedburner "feed" or "burn" or whatever they call it, but I don't know if it made a difference or not.

Unfortunately, the people who need to see this message probably can't see it because it won't show up in their reader.  However, if they ever happen to click over here and see they have missed a half-a-months worth of posts they'll have an explanation.

Also, if you are currently reading this on a reader you might have to "resubscribe" or something. Either way, if you don't hear from me for a week, or I dissappear know that I messed up something on the tech front, don't think I stopped blogging!

At this point I have to say I DON'T recommend feedburner.  I'm sure I did something wrong that caused the problem.  However, I am not a technological idiot so if I can't figure it out they really can't claim "ease of use."  Plus, it is supposed to track how many people read your blog via RSS feed.  According to Feedburner I have ZERO subscribers.  Zero.

I know that can't be right not only because it just doesn't statistically make sense, but also because my SISTER reads my blog via RSS.  The number should at least have been ONE.

I added the Feedburner because Sitemeter doesn't track RSS readers.  I wanted a clearer idea of who reads the blog because if it's just my three friends and family I would write a different blog than if it's my three friends, family, and 25 fellow Montessorians.  

Sorry for the mixup.


  1. You fixed the problem. Miraculously all your posts appeared in my reader today. I think there were 7 or 8 of them. Glad you fixed it so I didn't have to fruitlessly try on my end. We are anxiously awaiting your next tale from the classromm and favorite thing for tomorrow.

  2. figures, I spelled something wrong and forgot to sign...that last one was from your darling sis.

  3. So, on my blog I have the most recent post time listed. As in, "What did we do all day, updated 1 day ago." I thought it was weird that you were gone so long. So, either my thingamajig is messed up, or your blog feed affected that too. Yes, it is fixed now :) I have a lot of posts to catch up on.