Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am supposed to be writing a promised post about what it's like managing a 20-month-old and a 3-yr-old in the same Montessori "homeschool."  However, I've had a reasonably crummy day and that's going to be a lot of work so I'll try to finish that tomorrow.  

If you don't care why it was crummy, stop reading now, grouchy complaining about several things that are overall not that bad follows.  If you can't help yourself, you'll be underwhelmed to know that it's because I'm am less-than-pleased with several items right now.  Such as...

...the havoc the digital conversion is creating in our home where we have no cable and still use VCRs.  I spent four hours today plugging and unplugging various cords and cables

....Our stash of Earth's Best diapers which I loved until this month when they started leaking every time Me Too takes a nap or is "muddy."  I have always been a "Pampers-Mom-Who-Has-Almost-Switched-to-Cloth-At-Least-10-Times."  Me Too is unfortunately allergic to something in every diaper we've tried except Earth's Best and Seventh Generation (which has next to no stretch in the sides/tabs and I kept ripping the tabs off).  He has to use the Earth's Best wipes too or he, likewise, has a rear end that looks like he has the measles.  I've done the research and planned our conversion to cloth several times(every time I research it, I decide on the Bum Genius 3.0 again and again).  However, everytime I am about to click "buy" I read a couple of reviews or washing advice that warns about how difficult it can be if you have hard water (we seem to have uncontrollably hard water).  Now we are so close to potty training it's not worth the switch.  I am really sick of soaking muddy pants though.

...Me Too behaves as if he is having a seizure every time I try to change his diaper.   Yes, I know it's a stage.  Yes, I've been through it before.  I know what to do.  I know how to handle it as a parent.  I'm just having a tough time handling it as a person today.

...I have rosacea and today my face looks like a teenagers.

...what has happened to our measly savings in the stock market.

...politics. (This one is my one gripe that isn't  minor.)

...my broken garbage disposal.

...the fact that the only way to have an internet connection on my computer lately is a 15 foot cord hanging in the air stretched from the kitchen to the dining room and draped over my wall oven.

...the fact that I accidentally left the "toy library" unlocked today and the boys discovered this while I was spending the four hours plugging and unplugging.

...moms who can't treat other moms with respect because "their way is the right way." If you are on my blogroll, know that if you become one of these moms I will remove you from the list whether your blog is Montessori or not.  I will not have a hand in referring other mothers whose jobs are difficult enough to hurtful and factually inaccurate posts.

However, no one in my family is in a life-threatening situation (although that does not mean, unfortunately that everyone is well).  My husband still has his job. I am grateful we had savings (and, as my husband says technically still do have) to put in the market.  The garbage disposal can be replaced.  We have an internet connection.  The boys are blessed with enough toys to make a serious mess when they sneak into the toy library.  

Just saying that made me feel better (except about the politics, and mean moms).


  1. Wow, you sound like me today LOL! Taking no prisoners huh?

    The diapers: Email or better yet, they most likely have an 800 number. Give them a call and let them know that you have noticed that the diapers are not up to their usual quality. At worst they will be having a bad day and hang up on you (unlikely) at best you'll get some free ones which will help with the not enough money in the savings account problem:)

    Hint hint: Don't put any money into the stock market. You'll just lose that.

    Can't change the politics but I'm working on it.

    We developed a strange problem with the VCR taping local programs in black and white since the conversion. And we have cable. Someone just couldn't leave well enough alone. I'll bet it was a man!

    The rest of it I will deal with tomorrow with a great big mom hug.



  2. I haven't been around long and I don't use Montessori, but I too have "days" like you. I know you know they come and go... so I won't say it. I do hope you are finding encouragement in today!

    God Bless!

  3. Hi! I came on over from seeing you on my site meter. I love your header picture of your two boys. Such a great shot! I am sorry you had such a frustrating day! I hate those! But, I am thankful you still have those things (list at the end) to be thankful for ;) Sounds like you're a great Mom and I am sure your boys are thankful to have you!


  4. I know this post is from a long time ago, but I have had rosacea for years. I found out I had food intolerances and once I got off my allergens my face cleared up. Doctors never talked about this to me. They just gave me drugs. My face cleared up and I know that is amazing and so nice.

    Don't post but here is my email if you have any questions. trillian 91@hotmail.com