Monday, March 2, 2009

Montessori Monday

Quite a bit of "school" took place in the bathroom today.  I finally picked up a stool that was tall enough to allow Kal-El to reach the bathroom sink.  Our main practical life activity was washing hands.  I needed to be too "hands on" today to photograph that activity, so I'll share details in a future post.  Me Too spent more time than usual in the bathroom today as well.  Not only did he insist on a couple of turns washing hands, but he also asked to sit on the potty a couple of times.  No results, but he really enjoyed himself.

As always, quite a bit also took place in the kitchen.  Kal-El used measuring cups today to prepare his porridge.  He measured in the dry oats and then the water.  After it was cooked, he added the raisins by hand and some unsweetened applesauce with an ice cream scoop.  He made a bowl for both himself and for his brother.  He also made today's sandwiches for lunch.  After naps, I plan for the three  of us to make pizza together for dinner.  Kal-El has done this many times but Me Too refuses to be left out any longer.

Inside the school room I finally introduced the presentation tray for the geometric cabinet.  Basically Kal-El's "work" was to use a pincer grasp to remove one of the shapes, trace around the shape itself with the index and third finger of his other hand, trace around the inside of the space left behind by the removed shape, and return the inset to its space on the tray.  Here he is tracing around the outside of the circle.

Kal-El already knows the names of the shapes (the most direct purpose of this lesson).  But this lesson is indirect preparation for geometry and writing.  It also teaches him the procedure for when we are ready to move on to the drawers of the geometric cabinet itself.  Me Too wanted to try as well. Because this task is so similar to his current favorite puzzle I felt like I had to let him try.  He wasn't ready to follow the tracing instructions, but he took the piece out and returned to the proper places just fine.  He also completed the second and third parts of  a three-period lesson for naming on these three shapes.

Later in the lesson, Me Too worked with the balls and ice cube tray while Kal-El successfully sound-sorted all of our pictures for the letters r a m and f.  

They accomplished quite a few other works today, but those are the highlights.  After "school" Kal-El worked at the kitchen table with his scissors making something like a fringe along all of the edges of a white 12 X 18 piece of paper. (He said "because white is my favorite.")  Afterwards he clipped it to his easel and asked for his crayons.  When he was finished he asked me to put it in his picture frame "for everybody to see."  The picture frame has made him extra proud of his art. Me Too asked for "cans" (crayons) too, but mostly wanted to try to get away with walking all over the house or drawing on the kitchen chairs, so his art session was cut short.

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