Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Muffin Tin Dinner

Well, the boys are both in bed supposedly napping.  I can hear Kal-El in there singing "Here Come Eater Pottentail."  I'm not too worried about his pronunciation because he only heard the song once, right before naps, and I have a horrific cold.  That's probably what I sounded like.  He is having a similar issue with "This is the song that never ends" (think Lambchop) and sings "This is the song about my friends."  

Nap time gives me a moment to fill you in on Muffin Tin Dinners if you haven't already seen them.  EVERYONE in our family is in love with Muffin Tin Dinners.    The practice can be seen on many mommy blogs and it all originates (to the best of my knowledge) at the blog Her Cup Overfloweth where Michelle runs a weekly blog gathering .  This is what she says: 

Muffin tin monday is a weekly blog gathering... of mommies who serve one meal week in a muffin tin.  We post our submissions here every Monday and enjoy sharing and encouraging each other as parents.  

Bloggers submit a link to pictures and a post about their dinner each week, non-bloggers post to a Flicker Group where you can view all of their submissions.  I originally saw this idea in action at A bit of this and a bit of that which is absolutely the best place to have seen it for the first time.  I have since gone on to Michelle's blog and looked at some of the blog links and at the flicker group and Jojo's MTD are unparallelled.  You absolutely must click over to her blog. If you click on Muffin Tin Dinners in her label cloud you can see all of her posts and pictures about it.  Here are some individual links to some of my favorites:


I would also encourage you to click on "Bento" in her label cloud as well...more of the same type of thing in a slightly different presentation.   I really really want to get my hands on some egg molds like the ones she uses to serve boiled eggs in the shapes of elephants or bunnies, etc.,  By the way, I made those really really tiny on purpose because they are Jojo's photos.  I want you to get enough of a glimpse to be motivated to go over there, but because they are her photos they really should be viewed on her blog.

I found these egg plates at the good ole dollar store a couple of weeks ago and they have been really great for serving MTD's.  I also will be able to use these in the practical life area of the school room.  Hey, I might even serve deviled eggs in them sometime.

It's almost an embarrassment to even bother posting photos of our MTD's after looking at Jojo's.  At least this way you can see that they don't have to be as beautiful to still be fun.  I like these because (as Jojo points out in her posts) in a 12-hole tin you can fill 4-5 with carbs, 3 with protein and the rest with veggies and fruit.  My balance isn't so hot in the example above because the other reason I like to use them is that it uses up all those little bits of things that you have left in the fridge after feeding two little ones for a week.  Apparently we didn't have a lot of carbs lying around that day.  

My boys tend to be hit or miss about eating a dinner time, but they always clean their plate when they have one of these.  It's a good way to get them to sample a little bit of something you are trying to adjust their palate to.  They both love to exclaim "One's all gone" when they empty a space.  Kal-El likes to inform us of how many are empty each time he empties one.  That has been great for his counting and he's starting to get the idea of "one more" in relating to the progression of numbers.  Kal-El also loves to eat with a little toothpick shaped like a sword (see photo) and I make sure I use that if there is a possibly offensive item on the plate...he'll eat anything with a toothpick.

I picked up a couple extra muffin tins in different sizes and shapes at Goodwill the other day.  Some days are just 12-hole days, and some days are 6-hole days...  In the first photo I had used two colors of muffin liners, one for each boy and split a 12-hole tin between them.

I don't post on the MTD group or anything because mine really nothing to write home about (except that I just did, didn't I...write about it that is...).  Also, I do it whenever I have a bunch of little things nagging at me in the fridge, not necessarily on a Monday (although, you could do it any day really and just send the post on Monday).  I also cannot handle the pressure of a theme, although if someone is looking for something fun to do that would certainly fit the bill.

By the way, does anyone have any idea why the fonts get all messed up in my posts whenever I use a block quote?  Sorry about the wildly changing fonts.  


  1. what a great post - as my head is expanding by the minute :o)
    I am lucky that there are loads of great bento ideas in Japan and lots of cute gadgets for making things. i often browse the bento magazine section in the bookshop for cute ideas, I can't claim that they are all mine LOL.
    MTD are great and easy to sneak a bit of something new in or as you say, use the leftovers in the fridge - my child the garbage disposal!

  2. Okay, I give up! I am jumping on the MTD bandwagon. There has got to be a reason that all of you wonderful Mommies are doing it! My little guy is a great eater at lunch so I am going to try it for dinner...which he rarely eats much of! Thanks for the inspiration!