Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Day

Today we tried to make up for slacking off yesterday, but we seem to have caught a little bit of spring fever.  Although both boys had several periods of deep, concentrated work there was a lot of flitting around from work to work today.  Both of them were taking things off the shelf, puttering with a piece or two, and then  packing them up and putting them back.

The first thing Me Too felt compelled to do was check out the newly cleared-off treadmill.

I put rotated in several new works today.  I added the third cylinder block to the shelves.  For my own use, I used my label maker to make a small, clear, discreet label for each one telling me what number it is.  I didn't even know that the boys had noticed the numbers.  To my surprise the first thing Kal-El did after bringing the new block to his mat was turn himself upside down to find the number.  

He announced "this one's number three!"  Then puttered around with one or two pieces and put it back on the shelf.  Me Too, on the other hand, repeated this task more than 10 times.  

The above picture is not only evidence of how much better the room looks with the treadmill cleaned off (and I used it last night!), but is also evidence of Me Too sneaking more than one work at a time onto his mat.

Kal-El had a long, satisfying work cycle pouring lentils.  I rotated out the water and the dropper.  I had intended to replace it with transferring water with a sponge because he could use some practice wringing things out.  However, I couldn't find the pack of sponges I bought for that purpose, or any other suitable sponge for that matter.  Maybe next week.  The pitchers are from a highly successful run to Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.

As usual, Me Too couldn't resist the marbles.  You can see Kal-El is still transferring lentils in the background.

I put out a new "language" activity today, although in reality it is more of a sensorial color matching exercise.  I added these  Melissa & Doug Colors Cards Puzzle
puzzle cards to the shelf.  Kal-El was very excited about them at first, but didn't like the way they held together.  They were too loose I think.  His work kept falling apart and he abandoned this activity and put it away after doing two cards.

I added the Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads to Me Too's shelves today and spent a lot of time working with him, demonstrating, and helping him do this.  He was able to lace several beads himself by the end of the lesson.  This is a pretty complicated task for him.  He has to hold the bead steady and aim the lace to put it in.  Then, one hand has to grab the lace on the other side without letting it fall out before you can pull the lace through.  Even unlacing the beads was a fascinating challenge for him. I know you adults can all lace a bead, I'm just point the steps out because it was surprising to me how complicated something so simple can be.  I was too busy helping to get a picture. Kal-El has had a lacing-task aversion lately so made this tower instead.  

Kal-El worked with the rectangle drawer of the geometric cabinet.  I'm really pleased with how much he enjoys feeling the edges of the shape and then the inset with his finger.  As an adult that part of the task seemed a bit "lame" and I personally wanted to skip it.  However, I decided to trust in the process and follow instructions.  He gets a huge grin on his face every time he does it.

Me Too doesn't understand how to sort these beads, but he sure loves to move them around.

Our final new activity today was a language activity.  The boys have been enjoying this version of "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly."  In order for Kal-El to practice his pre-reading skill through storytelling I brought out this really great doll that I've been saving since before the boys were a glimmer in my eye.  She comes with all the bean bag animals from the song and they can be stuffed into her stomach through her mouth.  I presented it to both boys together by singing the song and after a brief tussle, Kal-El won the right to work with it first.  He retold the story at least five times.  It was a great practical life exercise for him as well to learn how to get all the animals in then out of her mouth.  He had a much more difficult time getting them out.

Believe it or not, that isn't everything they worked on today, but it covers the significant highlights.

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say that you have some great activity ideas! Your boys are obviously having a lot of fun. :)