Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What happens when my husband dresses the kids

This is what happens when my husband dresses the kids:

Me Too spent most of the weekend in his Christmas pajamas.  I agree with my husband that they are really cute and the five days or so he wore them in December just isn't enough.  The boys DID have matching ones, check it out:

Also, to be completely fair, while I was out having brunch with my sister my husband took the initiative to bath, dress up, and photograph Kal-El.  My husband is responsible for the pants, button-down shirt, and vest.  Kal-El added the hat and boots himself from his dress-up cabinet.

Me Too's ensemble is even more outlandish with his cooking apron and hat on.  This Sunday Kal-El didn't want to get up from his nap unless "Daddy gets me."  Daddy was not home, so he lay in bed and cried and Me Too got to make the pretzels.

We completely ran out of toilet paper in our house today, so we skipped school room time this morning and went to three grocery stores. (I knew we were getting low the last several weeks, but there wasn't a good price.  Today when we went it was on sale fortunately).  We went to three stores because I was trying to find milk that wouldn't eventually kill us all.  After searching high and low I wound up buying a gallon of the usual poison.  

The good news is Kal-El worked on phonics the whole time we were in the car.  We don't seem to get any language work done in the school room, so it may seem like he's not doing much.  However, we work on it all the time everywhere else.  Right now most of his sentences sound like this:  "M..m...m...mommy  l....l...lets g...g...go to the s...s...store and b....b....buy m....m....milk."  And no, he has not developed a stutter.  In the car he did most of the talking.  I never new how many words started with m and h.  "m..m...mommy, like in m...m..y, and m...m...me, and m...m...milk...lots of things start with m Mommy.  How 'bout h?  H...h...hairy..." I find it interesting that when he does this he only sounds out the initial sounds of words that would be capitilized if they were in a book title.  He doesn't do it to the articles in the sentence.

The bad news is I had to put the gas pedal to the floor and steer the car into the ditch to keep an old lady from sideswiping us.  (She tried to turn left onto the road I was driving on from my left to go the same direction I was going, however my car was nearly right in front of her when she gunned it into the road.  In other good news, I was able to get the car out of the ditch and we're not dead.  We can just wait for oxidized cholesterol, artificial colors, plastics, partially hydrogenated something or other, and high fructose corn syrup to do that.  Or poisoned pistachios.  Is there anything left we can eat?  In other bad news, all Kal-El could talk about after that was how "Mommy rolled down the window and yelled at that lady because she tried to crash our car with her two boys in it."  (Yes, I did yell at the lady.  She said she "didn't see us."  Of course she didn't, she only looked left before pulling out into the road, she never looked right.  I would have to say looking for us would be a prerequisite to seeing us.  There have been so many incidents like this lately I feel like I'm in one of those horror movies where you were "supposed to" die, but didn't for some reason and the grim reaper is after you and you keep having all of these "close calls.")

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