Saturday, March 7, 2009

What OTHERS do all day: Blog Blurb

As my blogroll gets longer and longer I keep looking at it out of the corner of my eye.  It is like a circling shark. I know it's time to do something to make it more user-friendly.  (At minimum I need to separate the under-three blogs from the 3-6.) 

What I really wish is that there were some way I could tell you what makes each blog special. Each one brings something a little different to the table.  I would love it if a little "blurb" would pop up when you float your mouse over it or something, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.   In the meantime, I thought I might write a little "blog blurb" when the mood strikes so that everyone can become more acquainted with what is out there in this little online community.  

I was prompted to bring this up today because...Hey!  I received an award! Gigi at  Montessori Spanish  gave me a Lemonade Award.  

The Lemonade Award is customarily passed to blogs that show gratitude and a wonderful attitude.  I am honored that Gigi felt my blog deserved that award.  I find it somewhat humorous that she gave me this award in the same week that I published a post titled "grouchy."  Maybe she's trying to keep me on the straight and      narrow :)  I am supposed to pass this award along at some point, and will.  In honor of my lifelong tradition of procrastinating thinking things through I am going to wait and pass it along when one of my favorite blogs has a particularly wonderful moment.

However, this gives me a perfect opportunity to launch my first "blog blurb."  I have mentioned Gigi's site several times on this blog in the past.  It just so happens that she was one of my partners in the phonics swap.  Her blog is one in particular that made me wish from the start that my blogroll could have accompanying "blurbs" because hers is difficult to categorize simply by students' ages and homeschool versus classroom.  Gigi's blog is a delicious Montessori buffet of perspectives.  She teaches at a Montessori school, her children attend Montessori school, and she does Montessori work with her children at home.  I can't think of any other blogs that represent Montessori teachers, parents and homeschoolers all at once.  I have been devouring all of her posts about her current Montessori training program.  She has recently finished her geometry training and has already published two posts on that subject  here and here.  These are of particular interest to me because Kal-El has begun the geometry cabinet.  I've read the Gettman pages on this several times and referenced several online albums, but I am still completely unclear whether I am supposed to tell him the names of the shapes when we start working with the drawers.  Am I really going to say "right angle isosceles triangle" to a three year old?  UHG2BK!  I'm hoping her geometry series will clear this up for me.

Thank you Gigi!

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  1. This is so sweet! This gets me excited to keep writing about my training! I would be lying if I said I just don't have time! I spend plenty of time reading others blogs when I could be posting on my own! I will post about Geometry again tomorrow!