Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Award!

Wow!  Spensamor Academy very kindly passed on this award to me!

You can read about it here, let me say I was very surprised and touched that she said she had been enjoying reading my blog and was finding inspiration.  I say I was surprised because as a homeschooling mother of four she is way ahead of me in her homeschooling journey.  I read her blog in order to keep my eyes on the years ahead and be prepared for how things might be when the boys are older.  Her blog is not listed in my sidebar because I have it in my probably improperly self-coined "Montessori-Lite" category.  I chose not to put that part of my list in the sidebar to start because that list is already long and getting longer by the day.  

I  feel that one of the most valuable things about reading blogs is seeing all of the different ways that homeschooling can look.  I am also certain that some of the 8 9 readers of this blog who are not related to me are using Montessori as part of their homeschooling life rather than going whole-hog.  If you are one of those people, Spensamor Academy is one place you can read and see how that works at someone else's house. Her children's "homeschool" is structured around something called Tot School.  You can read about what Tot School is here, I just love the statement of intent that drives what Tot School described in the "What is Tot School" section. You can see why it is very Montessori compatible.

Awards like these have rules about passing them on and such...I cave under that kind of pressure but intend to pass it on at a later date.

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