Friday, April 24, 2009

Game Day

First things first, if you still had questions about GMO's, I updated my previous post on that issue.

We had a marvelous 80 degree day here today.  The boys and I spent a lot of time sitting out on the driveway.  I sat and assembled Me Too's new big boy car seat while the boys took turns riding around on different bikes and such, raked leaves, pulled all the shrivelled crab apples off the crab apple trees, and hit tree trunks with rubber mallets.  Sometimes they didn't exactly take turns on the equipment.

Yes, Me Too is very interested in headgear right now.  At one point he had on three hats and was starting to look like a Dr. Seuss character.

When Daddy came home Kal-El pulled the car into the garage.

After lunch the boys and I played a new game.  After what could eventually be called a success with  Cranium Duck Duck 123(see previous game day) I was brave enough to acquire CRANIUM Puppy Pals Bingo It was an instant success.  

The game came with quite a few "bingo" boards.  Two rubber puppies that serve no purpose except to be cute rubber puppies.  I liked that I could give Me Too a game board and a rubber puppy and I could play relatively uninhibited with Kal-El and Me Too still thought he was participating.  The bingo boards each have nine doghouses on them.  Each doghouse has a different sign over the door, is a different color and a different pattern.  The game comes with a collection of cards.  Each card has either a color, door-sign symbol, or pattern on it.  It suggests you spread the cards out in a messy pile face-down.  This is a good idea because they would never stay in a stack anyway and this way both boys could reach.  I do wish the cards were made from thicker card stock because Kal-El had a tough time picking them up off the table.  The players take turns drawing cards (Kal-El and Me Too, nobody seemed to notice I never took a turn).  If you have a doghouse that matches either the color, pattern, or symbol on the card you can put a token on your doghouse.  The tokens are pictures of little dogs of many different breeds.  It was great that each dog had a name underneath, Kal-El liked hearing their names each time he chose one.  It was also great that all the tokens were different because choosing gave him something else he could do.  It was the best that the doghouse door is a hole and the tokens fit into the hole like a puzzle piece in a large-knob wooden puzzle so they didn't slide all over the game boards.  I also liked that the directions said that the "person with the smallest feet should go first."

The only thing other than the card thickness I didn't like was how they represented the patterns on the cards.  Every pattern (striped, polka-dotted, or checked) was represented in purple.  The first time one of the boys pulled a purple-striped card we noted that no one had a purple striped doghouse and no one got a token.  The next pattern card was a purple check.  Again, no one had a purple checked doghouse, only blue, yellow, red, etc., and again no one got a token.  When we pulled a purple polka-dotted card and no one had a purple polka-dotted house I looked through all the bingo cards and realized nothing was purple.  So, I tried to tell Kal-El that he could put a token on his blue polka-dotted house and he didn't believe me.  He said, "No Mommy, that card has purple polka-dots.  My doghouse has blue polka-dots."  I don't know what the solution to this problem could have been but you would think one of the many geniuses that must certainly work at a company called Cranium could have figured something out or at least made note of this in the instructions.
By the end of the session Kal-El had won every game.  (Most of Me Too's tokens eventually wound up on the floor.  It's hard to win at bingo that way.)  He still doesn't understand why he won though.  He still thinks he wins whenever he gets three tokens.  He doesn't understand they have to be in a row.  However, all and all I recommend this game.

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