Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I haven't been posting this week due to:
  • the disruption pleasure of having my husband home with us
  • the holiday
  • our failure to do many any Montessori activities (outside of practical life).  

We haven't been doing many any Montessori activities because of: 
  • the disruption pleasure of having my husband home with us

  • the holiday
  • the fact that I have been reading this book

  • and distractions created by the reason I am reading this book.

And in case you were wondering I wasn't compelled to read the book because he's been such a great friend lately. Also (in case you were wondering), so far I haven't been very impressed with any solutions they've offered for this behavior but I have been impressed with how dead on they are describing the child's behavior at each stage of this age (almost one month at a time).  I feel better knowing it's normal, I feel even better knowing it will end soon.  We are particularly "enjoying" the behavior they describe as follows:
Three-and-a-half attempts to control his environment in ways that will, perhaps, make him feel more secure, more sure of himself. "Don't look," "Don't laugh," "Don't talk," he commands those around him.  But, in his immaturity, he is often inconsistent.  "Don't look," he may order at one minute, and at the next may become very angry if not given full attention.  He may then insist that all attention be focused on himself and may feel left out if it is not.  He may refuse to let Father read his paper, or Mother chat on the phone, or Mother and Father talk to each other [8]...Or, he will set up a "nothing-pleases-me" situation [9]...he may be loving and amusing, his most delightful self.  Warm, friendly, appealing, affectionate and confiding, creative and delightful he can be at such times.  It may be hard for you to imagine that, only minutes before, you and he may have been locked in mortal combat [9-10]...

Charming. Most of the day Kal-El is an absolute joy to be around, but I find us having the strangest arguments lately.  

Despite all of this, we did manage to pull off a nice Easter.  Saturday Daddy took Kal-El to the zoo.  Saturday evening we attended an Easter vigil service at the church .25 of a mile from our house.  We sadly have not been attending because we hate the idea of putting the kids in the church daycare because of all the germs. However, it was Easter so we bit the bullet and put the kids in the child care for the first time. They are now sick.

After the service we were invited to participate in a fabulous potluck supper despite the fact that we didn't know about it and therefore didn't bring anything (we were able to contribute financially, however).  We had great food and a great time...except when we were being greatly embarrassed (such as when Kal-El talked the ears off of the Pastor and the other diners at our table, including telling them that he went to the zoo and "there was a fly on our lunch table and Daddy made it go away by flicking it!" ...or such as when Me Too put a quarter of a ham sandwich in his mouth at once and after getting the whole tables attention by looking very cute with his cheeks stuffed like a blow fish expelled the sandwich from his mouth in front of the onlookers.)

Before bed Kal-El put a carrot on the front porch for Peter Cottontail.

Sunday morning the boys found their Easter baskets on the front porch and filled them with jellybeans, eggs, and chocolate bunnies that the found hiding in the front yard.




Afterwards we had a fantastic brunch at my parents' house with my grandparents, siblings, their spouses, and their children.  


  1. Yeah! You're back. Sounds like you had a good week even though it wasn't normal. Auntie R

  2. I think Kal-El is fabulous at three! I can't wait to hear what he has to say next. It's always interesting.


  3. I'm so glad I read this post! Link is turning four in a month and I thought all of his three year troubles were caused by my terrible parenting! There is hope for us yet!