Thursday, April 2, 2009

No....Love DADDY!

I am trying to get Me Too past this "not loving Mommy" thing and was fortunate to get a good hour alone with him this morning while Kal-El was playing superheroes with his stuffed bear (Bobo).  We had a great time sitting together in his room playing with books, puzzles, and his stash of toddler toys that are at his level but that he hardly ever touches because he prefers Kal-El's stuff.  I thought we were making some pretty good progress, cuddling, giggling, saying "hi" to the cars out his window.  Toward the end of our play session I said, "I love you Me Too, can you say 'I love you Mommy' ?"  He said, " Daddy."  Thanks kid.

Afterwards, the boys pretended they were dogs while I did housework for about a half an hour, then we had time in the school room.

Kal-El chose:

Geometry Cabinet:  curvilinear triangle, quatrefoil, kite, chevron, elipse, oval
Transportation beads sort (he sorted by vehicle type today)
Flower Arranging
Marbles and Suction Cups
Pouring Water

During his work with the bugs/insects today Kal-El asked for his magnetic letters and put the letter that each creature started with next to the creature.

Me Too chose:

Cylinder Block 1
Putting beads in and out of a vase
Geometry Cabinet:  circle drawer
Pom Poms in the egg tray
Mystery Basket

After "school" we had a muffin tin lunch today (a lot of little things in the fridge that needed to be used up).  The boys played firemen after lunch while I cleaned out the fridge.

Tomorrow we are off to visit the boys' great-grandparents who have finally finished their four-month snowbirding stint.  I'll keep you updated, maybe Me Too will love me tomorrow...


  1. Wow! Thanks for adding me to your list. I look forward to searching out your blog as I have time. I just glanced it over and I am really impressed. I love all of the resources that you have compiled.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I think your list is great. I especially like knowing that there are blogs that cover the older grades. Not that I know for sure what I'll do for the future, but still...

  3. So if I understand correctly, you had time to eat breakfast, play, do housework, and have school time... all before lunch?!?! I'm just glad if I can do all that before dinner :) How much time were you spending in the school room at this age?

  4. Mel,

    I think it was 2-2.5 hours each day, but I don't have it recorded anywhere.