Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playing Hooky

We played hooky from playgroup today.  I just didn't feel like it, Kal-El hates leaving the house...  I'm so glad we didn't go.  Our new materials arrived today and I had to sign for it, I don't know what they would have done with the packages if I hadn't been here to sign.  Also, apparently someone in the group knowingly came while she and her two kids are infected with Cdif.  I'm sure she wouldn't have come if there were any serious reason not to, but I'm glad to have missed the exposure all the same.

When the materials arrived, the boys helped me unpack them, which led to a little time in the school room.  I had ordered a stand for the pink tower since I need to keep it on the floor if Me Too is going to use it (it won't stay up on our carpeting).  Kal-El helped me dismantle the tower, put the stand in place, and put it all back.  Afterwards they both worked for a half an hour with the new geometric cabinet (a long story I will eventually post about).  Me Too particularly likes the circle drawer.

Before the doorbell rang we had been doing art for about an hour.  Today they were working with colored pencils. Our are made by Galt and are made for kids (about 4.5 inches long and triangular).  I've heard good things about the Lyra brand as well.  

The boys worked separately for a while until Kal-El asked if Me Too could work with him.  I said he had to invite him and see if he wanted to.  All Kal-El had to do was whisper "Me Too, you're invited" and Me Too was by his side in a flash.

They worked so closely that sometimes they were even using the same pencil.

After maybe 20 minutes Kal-El informed Me Too he was now uninvited and Me Too happily trotted off to his own side of the easel.  Last week we all went together to buy Me Too his own stepstool and I've been really impressed at both how quickly it occurs to him to go and get it, and also the range of situations he chooses to use it in.  I think if he could strap it on his back and carry at all times just in case he would love to.  So, after a couple of minutes on his own he was off to get his stool.  You can see he was more interested in what his brother might be doing than in his own drawing.

When Kal-El removed his paper from the easel to work sitting on the floor instead (something he asks to do often lately) Me Too (true to his name) removed his and sat beside him.  When Kal-El moved to the table and asked for scissors to cut up his drawing, Me Too went right with him and ripped his own drawing to pieces.
For several weeks Kal-El has cut up every drawing he has made or asked for tape and used it to wrap a present.  I've been pretty happy about that because I really liked a particulary drawing he and his brother have each done. There has been nothing frameable left of anything they have accomplished since so I've been able to keep them up for a long time:


  1. Just an FYI about C. difficile: Alcohol gels/lotions etc. are not effective at killing the spores. You actually need to use soap and water and rub your hands together to flush the ick down the drain. I would maybe check online to find out more if you are going to see your friends next week. Auntie R

  2. My daughter (age 3) cuts up all her pictures too...or she wants to hang them up on the wall with tape. I realized yesterday I have really been thwarting her efforts, because I tend to react negatively to cutting the pictures (she does some nice ones) and she wants to hang the pictures on pieces of furniture or the dining room wall.

    Two ideas I came up with: having a separate cutting work just for cutting up big pieces of paper. She could draw on it if she wanted to, and then cut away. But, if she draws a regular picture not using that tray, she can either put it in the work box (where we keep the kids' paperwork) or hang it up in a designated spot in her room. She needs to be allowed to do these things, but with some guidelines...

    My 19 month old also loves step stools...we don't have a small one, but she tries to carry the larger ones around. What a good idea to get a little one for Me Too!