Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School Day

We finally made it back into the school room again today.  I had every intention of bringing them in after naps yesterday.  However, their naps began at 1:30 and didn't end until after 5:00.  They must have been worn out from all of the cooking.  This caused a problem because they go to bed by 7:00 p.m., usually eat dinner around 5:15 and dinner generally takes an hour.  Both boys were very interested in the dressing clown pictured above.  The clown was a gift from my husband's parents and has a button, velcro, buckle and tie.  Thanks to all of his hard work with felt snakes Kal-El did a really great job with the button on the clown.  His skill with the button today make me confident that he is now ready for me to put out the button dressing frame for him.  Of course that now means I have to make the button dressing frame...when am I going to find the time to do that?

The boys really enjoyed school today although I was frustrated  because Kal-El didn't show any interest in his expensive sensorial equipment.  Fortunately Me Too did.  Despite really wanting him to spend some time with the red rods so we can get ready for math, I didn't let myself push anything.  I just figure this was their first time in there in more than a week and they were going to have an odd day.  Now that he has some of the other things out of his system he'll most likely have a better day next time we are in there.  

Kal-El chose:

  • As always his first choice was the Bug/insect bin (nomenclature).  When I took a shower this afternoon I found the fly stuck in my bra strap...they were all the "old  mommy's" tummy today.
  • Stacking Pegs and peg board
  • Sorting beads by color then by category (transportation)
  • Dressing Clown

I was really surprised that he didn't ask me to present the new sandpaper letters that I put out on the shelf.  I'm not positive that he even saw them.  He went into school today with a pretty clear idea of what he wanted to do.  School ended with a bit of an altercation with his brother that probably prevented him from looking around much before we left.

  • Me Too chose:
  • Dressing Clown
  • Sorting Beads
  • Stacking Pegs
  • Cylinder Blocks 3 and 4 done simultaneously

Me Too's favorite activity was the Neinhuis catalog that he found on the desk in the school room.  He sat on my lap and asked "what's this" about everything and called out "pink tower" and "cylinder blocks" when he saw things he recognized.

We host playgroup tomorrow, but if I have an ounce of energy left in my body we will try to have school after naps.

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