Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I've been up to

I am very behind on blog reading and blog posting.  On top of the surprise ear infection, for the last several weeks I have trying to spend any free time trying to finish the dozens of projects that I've started but not finished.  In recent days I have completed the following:

  • assembling new shelves for Me Too's "toy library,"
  • cutting new shelves for the art cabinets
  • assembling new shelves for the school room
  • ordering Me Too all the accoutrements of being a "big boy" (kitchen chair, Foogo Straw Bottle,  Car Seat)
  • assembling said accoutrements
  • creating felt story board materials for Kal-El 
  • building/assembling a cabinet for the boys' dress-up materials

I still have a ton of things to do.  I have a basket of broken toys and books that need gluing, materials for land and water forms I still haven't made, two new digital converter boxes that I haven't even peaked in the boxes of...  I still haven't figured how to keep my computer here on my dining room table without it looking like hackers live here.

The good news is that I have a lot to photograph and talk about once I get things a little more under control.  

We did have school a couple of times this week, including this morning.  I haven't put out anything new lately so their sessions have been pretty similar to what I described the last couple of weeks.  I have a couple of new things to add this weekend so hopefully I'll have a more illuminating post about that next week.

We did find time to do a little rummaging this morning.  A neighborhood near our home has a huge rummage every year about this time.  Different houses open up their garages on different days, so we'll have to go again tomorrow.

I picked up a great wooden puzzle map of the United States for $1 and another vintage wooden puzzle for 50 cents.  I found a neat pair of fireman rainboots for $2 that I can add to the boys' dress up bin.  I also was able to fill out the boys' all-important tool collection with a third toolbox (they already have two, this is one item we really needed two of because they fight just terrible over them).  I picked up the whole toolbox for again $1, but it miraculously contained only tools they didn't already have such as a cordless drill, a safe measuring tape (I won't let them use our real ones after I heard the horror stories), a plumber's wrench, an "army knife," and a proper saw (they've been pretending with a saw puzzle piece I reappropriated from Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden Chunky Puzzle).  There were a couple of other things, but those are the interesting ones.

Speaking of deals, I have gotten in the habit over the last year to hit craft stores the couple of days after every holiday to pick up super cheap clearance items for phonics objects and practical life activities.  I purchased some neat Easter items to use that I have also been planning to post about.  

Hopefully I will catch up on some of these things and you can look for an onslaught of Montessori/crafty posts in the next couple of weeks.

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