Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today we were lucky enough to spend the morning with my little nephew.  I spent some of the weekend writing a big post on the subject of planning, but it still needs editing (boy, am I long-winded!).  I'll take a break from that to share these pictures of the boys with their cousin.  The little guy was extremely entertained by these crazy big boys.

After he put on his police costume, Kal-El was a little surprised that his cousin laughed at him rather than was intimidated.

He taught him a lesson by giving him a ticket.  You can tell the little guy wasn't too concerned about it.

They both love to bring him different toys to play with.  Me Too was very interested in taking care of him.  He tried to diaper his fully-clothed foot...

...and feed him imaginary food.  His parents better look out, this little 3-mo-old was extremely interested and loved the spoon.


  1. What a bunch of cuties!

    Little cousin looked very interested in what the big boys were doing. I'm sure they were very entertaining:)


  2. I am excited to read your post on planning!
    Cute pic by the way!