Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Itinerary

This morning I began Mother's Day by sleeping in.  When I joined the rest of the family around 8:30 a.m. I was presented with this itinerary typed by my husband:

My Boys' Teacher's Mother’s Day Schedule



Step 1              Sleep in.

Step 2              Read Schedule (what a sweet day, you are already on 

                         step 2 even though you haven’t done anything yet.

Step 3              Open card

Step 4              Eat breakfast, then give orders to the college student 

                         hired to pull your weeds in the garden today.


Step 5              Go to gym (we don't have a membership, it's free 

                         week) and enjoy hot tub and equipment if desired.


Step 6              Go directly out to lunch/library/elsewhere and enjoy 

                         private lunch with a book.


Step 7              Come home.  Note – Proceeding from Step 5 directly 

                         to Step 7 may render Schedule invalid, causing a 

                      liberal issuing of penalties.  Penalties can include, but are not limited to: preparing lunch for the family, cleaning up after lunch, being subjected to whining, cleaning dirty children, and listening to husband complain about his job.


Step 8              Open present.


Step 8.5           Momentarily contemplate how often you receive 

                         flowers from your husband.  (No,  don’t do this right now.  You are only on Step 2!)


Step 9              Relax on couch or computer while husband puts 

                         children down for naps.


Step 10            Be chauffeured to and from grandparents’ house for 

                         fun evening.


Step 11            Put at least one kid to bed, because your husband 

                         has had it, and you know how a man could never really handle your job anyway.


Step 12            Wonder why there is no backrub Step.  This is really 

                         Step 2.5, but you can see  why it had to be Step 12.


Step 13            Does this mean that he will surprise me with a 

                         backrub at some point?


Step 14            Stop analyzing things.


Step 15            Relax on couch with husband and tv.


Step 16            Go to bed and mentally prepare yourself for the next 

                         364 days.



  1. That is insanely cute!! You have a keeper there ;) Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Verrrrry cute.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Oh my gosh. You have the best husband in the history of the entire world!