Saturday, July 18, 2009

Field Trip: Zoo

Last Wednesday we had an unusually cool 65 degree July day. We took advantage and went to the zoo. We take a lot of field trips to the zoo because we have an annual pass this year. As always, one of the first things we did was ride the train. If we don't, the boys spend the whole time asking "when are we going to ride the train?" instead of enjoying the zoo. As always, Kal-El loved it...

...and Me Too said "scare me!"

We participated in an exhibit that was filled with hundreds of parakeets that you could feed millet sticks.

Kal-El loved it....

Me Too said "scare me!"

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog and thank you for putting me on your Montessori blog list. I've finally had a chance to check out your whole blog and it's fantastic. It's so great to see a mom with boys doing Montessori because it seems to me that most of the Montessori blog moms have daughters. Your youngest is just a bit older than my daughter so your posts are also a great resource for me.