Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kal-El has swimming lessons for 30 minutes every morning for two weeks at the local pool. He likes blowing bubbles, playing "Humpty Dumpty" on the side of the pool, and blowing a ping pong ball across the water. He does not like singing the songs.

Me Too, on the other hand, is terrified of the wading pool in our own backyard. I even had trouble getting him to play with the water table. He is also afraid of the hose. One of the top ten things he says frequently right now is "([it] scare['s] me!"

I have been puttering around with the blog roll. There are some new blogs posted, and even one new category (Montessori Adolescent 12-18).

I have also written a new post about Godly Play but it still needs editing.

Kal-El has been working with the sandpaper letters and sound sorts in the mornings before Me Too is awake. We are also working on vocabulary building during this time (many of the pictures in the sound sorts are new words for him). We have been working continually on aural language exercises since September and I think he has nearly mastered identifying intial sounds (by sound and letter name) and is getting quite good at ending sounds. I am having trouble getting him to understand the concept of a "middle" sound.


  1. I love the pic. Is Me Too signing scared in the picture?
    I am a baby signs instructor, so it caught my eye!

  2. Montessori Moments,

    Yes, he is :) Good eye! I learned a ton of sign language when Kal-El was born. He stopped signing when his language skills took off. I did a lot less with Me Too, but still did some. "Scared" is one of those signs that just stuck. My husband always "jokes" that having a second child has shown him how much he was cheated having been a second child himself. I'm a first child so I pretend to have no idea what he's talking about.

  3. That is so funny. Belle does not know as many signs as Snow White did at this age either. I just do not seem to have as much time LOL (Can't imagine why not)
    Thanks for the reply. That is a great signing picture though!

  4. Such a great idea to create the Ultimate Montessori Blog List! I will put it as a link on my blog so anyone who happens by can hook up with it and read your blog. Thanks for including us on it!