Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visitors and Toilets

We have had two sad mornings this week as Daddy had to go back to work on Wednesday. We miss you Daddy!

Tonight my BIL, niece, and nephew are coming to stay until Sunday night. This visit will be a little bit different from the last time because the school room is coincidentally closed down right now. (I posted about their last visit and dealing with visitors in the schoolroom here.) I am in the middle of a massive materials reorganization and planned to reopen next week Wednesday.

Why Wednesday and not Monday? On Monday and Tuesday I had planned to potty train Me Too.

Last Fall I potty trained Kal-El on Daddy's first Monday and Tuesday back at work. Me Too is ready, so I thought I'd make it a bit of a tradition (can something you do only once with only two children be considered a tradition?).

However, my husband realized yesterday that he doesn't work on Monday after all. This negates our plans. It may seem strange, but I'd rather do the potty training when he's at work, he'll just mess up my system.

I think I'll move potty training to Wednesday/Thursday and haven't decided what that means for re-opening the school room. I'll have to wait and see when I'm actually done reorganizing.

Back to the potty training (because isn't potty training just fascinating?)...I'm torn between shipping Kal-El off to Grammy's for two days so Me Too and I can be alone or keeping him around as an enthusiastic cheerleader. One important fact: a major part of my system includes feeding the child salty foods to encourage drinking multitudes of fluids. It is difficult to give one child constant treats without giving them to the other and I really don't need Kal-El peeing all over from over-hydration or walking through Me Too's puddles in his socks. However, I can only do this on a Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday combination (long story) and I don't think the Grammy is available for both days for a while. I don't want to wait another three weeks to potty train Me Too so I think the decision is made for me, but anyone have any opinions? (Boy, am I asking for it.)

Speaking of puddles...I would love to do this outdoors so he could be naked. Unfortunately, both of my children refuse to play outdoors naked. I tried to tough it out with Kal-El thinking he would get over it, but after twenty minutes of him standing on the front lawn, naked, crying, and screaming "Mommy! I want my clothes on!" I got him dressed before someone called the authorities.

In other Montessori news, I am gearing up to place a small materials order this weekend. It has come to my attention, for example, that we are not in possession of a moveable alphabet. Kal-El is ready to kick it into high gear in both the language and math areas. (I need to kick it into high gear and make the land/water globe, continents globe, and landforms I have the materials for but have never gotten around to or he'll never kick it into high gear in that department.) Me Too is ready to move on from pre-Montessori manipulatives and activities and start in seriously on the standard sequence.

Well, now Kal-El has just started mysteriously crying. He says something fell down. Better go!

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