Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An award!

The author of the blog "Spors in the Desert" and "Walk Beside Me" was kind enough to pass on an award to me the other day. I am a little embarrassed to post the picture of the award here. If you want to check it out, you can read about it here. Thank you! I appreciate the sentiment :)

I am a terrible blogger who never actually passes these things on as required by the award. I am sure that it is somehow related to my chain letter and Pampered Chef party phobias. Even more so, I am intimidated into paralysis by the mandate to pick other blogs for bloggy stardom. I read 140 Montessori and homeschooling blogs! How could I possibly PICK one?

My apologies to all for breaking the blog award chain repeatedly. If it is any consolation, I LOVE telling people about the other great blogs out there. I have friends and family members who I am sure are restraining themselves from rolling their eyes every time I start a sentence with "I read on a blog the other day..." My husband has stopped restraining himself. He has completely stopped batting an eye when I say things like "Amazing Trips said..." as if the blog title is someones name. I'm sure there are several readers on multiple Yahoo Groups who say to themselves "Oh no! Another post from My Boys' Teacher. She probably wants to remind us to read blogs again." I promise, if you have a great blog I am bound to link to it in the course of discussion at some point. I am also likely to spam people who have questions that your blog could answer and tell them they should be reading it.


  1. I'm in one of those groups and I always think your posts are really informative! Keep it up...and keep telling me so I don't have to read everything out there. ;)

  2. Thanks M.T.E.! I guess I'll keep putting my two cents in until they kick me off.