Sunday, September 20, 2009


We were lucky enough to have my nephew spend the day with us last week. My brother brought us all lunch and my nephew settled right in like one of the big boys. I think his blog nickname might have to be "Me Three."

He watched Kal-El like a hawk to make sure he ate his lunch exactly the same way as the big boys.

He let Me Too give him some basketball tips. See how seriously he is taking his advice?

He was an equal participant in a looooooong "get the bad drivers" role play as Kal-El's police partner. At seven months Me Three can go just as fast in his walker as Kal-El can go in his police car. Kal-El would yell "Come on Me Three! Let's go get those bad guys! They went this way!" Kal-El would peel out of the room at outrageous speeds and Me Three would be right behind him. He has a police hat too, he just preferred to carry it in his hand rather than wear it on his head. He likes to feel the breeze across his skull as he drives.

Don't worry family, I have tons of video of this. I just can't post it here. I didn't get any that doesn't reveal names. I wouldn't want the authorities to find out that Me Three isn't in preschool yet!

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  1. It looks like Me Three thoroughly enjoyed his playdate. He's a lucky boy to have cousins so close by that he can grow up with and that can help out the little guy.