Monday, September 14, 2009

DIY Culture Materials: Link List

Have you ever made your own Culture materials? Might you in the future? Have you or will you post about it? If you have in the past, or do in the future, please feel free to add yourself to the link list at the end of this post.

Please format the link title as follows (in the "name" box):

Name of the Material: Your blog Name

For example:

Land Forms: Montessori Is Not For the Weak

I thought it might be nice to collect some DIY links all in one place and do a bit of blog surfing at the same time.

The "Ultimate Montessori Homemade Materials Collaboration" button was created by my friend over at Walk Beside Me. (She also came up with the great name!). It can be copy and pasted. It would probably be helpful for other readers if you would add it to the end of any post you link here so that they can get back to the list easily. It could also be added to your sidebar and linked so that you can direct your readers to the great posts that all of you have written.


  1. Land Forms Part Two : What DID We Do All Day?
  2. Landforms Part One : What DID We Do All Day?
  3. Continent / Animal Cards + USA Puzzle - WalkBesideMe
  4. Landforms - Shannons Sharings
  5. Air Land Water Sort - Shannons Sharings
  6. Felt map - Shannons Sharings
  7. Parts of Flower and Plant Cards - Walk Beside Me
  8. Flags for Pin Maps : Aide a la Vie
  9. Land Forms : Aide a la Vie
  10. Globes and Pin Maps : Aide a la Vie
  11. Land Forms : Itsy Bitsy Spider
  12. Globe and Map of World Parts : Les petits Montessori
  13. Continent Boxes : La Paz Home Learning
  14. Sorting Birds on Continents : Leptir
  15. Sorting - Fur / Skin / Feather Plants / Animals : Leptir
  16. Maps - The Habitat of Some Animal Species : Leptir
  17. Book About Polar Animals (Little Encyclopedia) : Leptir
  18. Styrofoam Planets : Leptir
  19. Life Cycle of the Griffon Vulture : Leptir
  20. Plant and Seeds : Leptir

  1. Names of the Planets = Names of Mythological Gods : Leptir
  2. Book About Solar System (Little Encyclopedia) : Leptir
  3. Felt Map Instructions and Downloads : Go Alongs
  4. Land and Water Forms - Walk Beside Me
  5. Aggregate States Of Water : Leptir
  6. Vertebrate vs Invertebrate : Homemade Montessori
  7. Sorting Animals On Continents : Leptir
  8. Sandpaper Vowels : 2 Pequenos Traviesos
  9. Sandpaper Numerals : 2 Pequenos Traviesos
  10. Continents Globe (cloth) - Walk Beside Me
  11. Botany Puzzles & Cards : Maybe Montessori
  12. 54stitches
  13. Dressing Frames: 54stitches
  14. Sink/float charts in Croatian, English and Spanish language: Leptir
  15. Parts of the tree felt puzzle: Create
  16. Advent calendar: Create
  17. Our Continent Bags - Counting Coconuts
  18. Months of the year - matching word and number: Leptir
  19. Kathy's Montessori Life



  1. Hi MBT! I made a mistake in linking 2 materials that are definitely NOT CULTURE. Please delete the 2 links from 2 Pequenos Traviesos. THANKS,
    2 Pequenos Traviesos' SILLY MOM

  2. is a great idea!
    I will try to adapt the project in French.
    You can find an article about your idea on my blog here:

    see you soon