Sunday, September 13, 2009

Field Trip

This weekend we went to the local quarry. The boys had the opportunity to get up-close, ride, explore, and even operate giant construction equipment, fire engines and military vehicles.

After we all stood in line to operate the backhoe for twenty minutes, Kal-El decided he was too scared to go up there.

It does look a little scary, doesn't it? Me Too wasn't scared and lead the way. He beeped the horn and waved, but otherwise took his job very seriously.

Kal-El decided that it would be better to take a turn rather than be upstaged by his little brother.

Evidently boys of all ages enjoy throwing rocks at hubcaps.

My husband would like it to be known that he pegged a hubcap eight times. Kal-el was proud just to get the rocks he threw over the tall pile in front of him. Me Too was proud just to throw rocks.

It was a little boys', dirt, dust, a chance to spray a house with a fire hose, or wear real firefighter clothes. You could spread mortar on stone and help build a wall, ride a scissor lift, build trucks out of wood, barrel through the quarry on a giant dump truck, paint rocks, whatever you had the energy to do!

We really needed baths when we got home. We had the dubious honor of being right next to a flight for life helicopter when it landed in the quarry (as an attraction, no one was hurt). My first thought was: "surely that helicopter coming right at us isn't going to land in the middle of the quarry in a clump of about 100 people, that would be way too dusty." My second thought was: "Nope, it's landing. It must not kick up dust. How cool is this that the boys (obsessed with helicopters) are going to be right next to it when it lands?" My third thought was: "#@$#@! I was right the first time....RUN!" My husband and I had that third thought at the exact same time, each grabbed a kid and headed for the hills. The dust cloud looked like a tornado and moved surprisingly slowly. I had Me Too in my arms and he was extremely irritated the whole time I was running. He kept pointing back at the helicopter yelling that I was going the wrong way and should go back. We managed to duck behind a nearby ambulance several seconds before the cloud reached it and watched it make the air opaque on both side of us. We all had a fair amount of dust in our eyes and under all of our clothes. Needless to say, we didn't get any pictures of the helicopter.


  1. Great report on what sounds like a dream day for lots of boys and girls.

    Whoever thought of this kudos to them for a brilliant idea! I'll bet it was a dad or mom who noticed how interested children are in these big machines.


  2. What a FABULOUS field trip. I wish I had one near me!