Thursday, September 24, 2009

Immersion Blender

Sometimes I am just not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

I have owned an immersion blender like this one for nearly 15 years. I have used it occasionally to make chocolate pudding (sometimes pistachio), grind nuts, whip cream, and--back in the day--to mix some Slim Fast. Dutifully, for nearly 15 years whenever I have made a blended soup (cream of broccoli, asparagus, red pepper, whatever) I have followed the instructions and run it through the food processor in batches. What did I think an immersion blender was for?

Thankfully, a couple months ago I ran across the page in my America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook that had a picture of a stockpot with an immersion blender sticking out and said "an immersion blender can be inserted directly into the soup pot, saving you the bother of cleaning up a messy blender or food processor." Duh!

Have you done anything dumb lately? If so, the purpose of this post is to make you feel just a little bit smarter.


  1. Thanks so much for this post! It is just what i needed to read today! So nice to hear that other mom's are human too!
    I read your post just after writing this one

    Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Oh that is totally something I would do ... I love my immersion blender too, at the moment its in constant use for baby food.

  3. My mum's friend calls it an electric willy!

    That might only be funny in England......!

  4. Annicles,

    I wouldn't be surprised if there were a small appliance that WAS called the "electric willy" in England, but I have to say I AM surprised it's the immersion blender.