Friday, September 11, 2009

Materials Arrived

I ordered some materials from Adena Montessori on August 31st and they arrived yesterday. I am posting about the experience because I know everyone is always leery of ordering from the discount suppliers. I have ordered from Adena several times in the past. I also wrote about many of the different companies, their prices, and shipping costs previously.

My current order included the small moveable alphabet, trinomial cube, maps and cabinet, botany cabinet, and a couple of dressing frames I don't feel like making.

The trinomial cube, botany cabinet, and dressing frames look great. I will keep you posted as the materials go into use.

The moveable alphabet is missing all of its letter "z's."

I have some major issues with the maps and the cabinet.

The biggest problem is with the map of Asia. Several of the countries in my Asia map were not cut out and have no knobs. I cannot remove Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, or Tajikistan. There are white dots printed on the countries where the knob would go, but those countries are not cut from the puzzle.

Two of the maps have one or two warped pieces that will not lie flat in the puzzle.

Four of the maps have a dent on one of the edges.

Finally, the map cabinet itself does not hold the maps as pictured on the website. Instead of fitting flush in the cabinet they stick out at least 5 cm. The cabinet also was "assembly required" and came with no instructions.

I have already e-mailed the company. I have had good experiences with their customer service in the past and will let you know what transpires.


  1. I look forward to hearing what they do to make the situation right!

  2. I ordered the maps from Montessori N' Such and liked them, but couldn't afford the cabinet, and never had a good way to store them, and the preschool children didn't usually use more than the continent map or maybe North America. The quality was good. So I sold all but the Continent, North America and US. Now, I'm homeschooling my elementary age kids and really wish that I had the maps back.

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your order, although glad to hear that you have had good customer service in the past. I was just about to order the botany cabinet from them, but didn't know about the difference in number. Hmmmm . . . .

  3. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. At least your maps fit into the cabinet, when I bought the map cabinet 2 years ago, the I couldn't even get the maps into it! We had so much stuff go back, that I lost track of who owed what. I'm sure I got the bad end of the deal, and they never sent me anything that showed transactions, and who owed what. Some of their puzzles were good, and I might order more of them, but for the things like maps, I'm sticking with the more reliable companies. BTW-the Neinhuis map of Asia is the same way, perhaps with even more pieces that don't come out (my pet peeve). We have lost our Vietnam piece from the Adena map, which made me realize that if I had got it at Neinhuis I could just order Vietnam. I don't think I can at Adena (but I will check)

  5. Andie,

    Thank you for the comment! I'll remember that when I'm tempted to get rid of them prematurely. I had a feeling that those maps would be used for years and years.

    I just looked in the Neinhuis catalog and it looks like their botany cabinet is three drawers now too. I have no complaints about the botany cabinet from Adena. I just don't know the names of all of these leaves!

    The map cabinet was pretty much free when you bought all the maps at once, otherwise I couldn't have afforded it either, LOL!

  6. Lindart,

    What a nightmare! I read stories on the message boards about maps not fitting in cabinets and was worried about that.

    I had planned on making my own control maps, but now I see how complex these puzzles are and think "no thanks." I wonder if I order from a different company if I'm going to have trouble with the control maps not matching?

    Thanks for the head up on your cash back problems, I'm going to be extra sure I'm credited back what I'm due.

    I thought about what you said about being able to replace pieces through Neinhuis if you have Neinhuis maps. However, the Neinhuis map of Asia is $149. Mine was $22. It will be cheaper to buy a whole new map if I lose a piece than to buy them all through Neinhuis just in case. Isn't that sad?