Saturday, September 12, 2009

Materials Response

I am happy to report that I heard back from Adena two hours after I contacted them.
  • They are going to send me my missing "Z's."
  • They are resending the Asia puzzle.
  • As for the rest of the puzzles, I have choices.
  • I can keep the two puzzles that have 1-2 warped pieces and be credited back 50% of my purchase price. Alternatively, I can chose to have them send me new ones.
  • Likewise, with the dented puzzles I can have new ones sent or I can keep them at a 30% discount.
I am going to keep the dented puzzles because my wallet could certainly use the discount. I am undecided about the warped puzzles. I included a photo in my last post that shows the extent of the warping. Any opinions?

The service representative said that the cabinet I received was a "new style," that the puzzles are supposed to stick out, and that he'll have his tech guy change the picture so that it is accurately represented on the website. He also kindly thanked me for making him aware that there are no instructions for assembly. It sounded like none exist and they are going to actually write some to include in future shipments. Obviously I was able to assemble the cabinet without them, but I did have to look up the photo online to do it. Even a line drawing of the finished cabinet would have been enough to be helpful.

It's a pain that I have to go through this trouble, but I do feel like they gave me some reasonable options. It does not appear that I have to go through the hassle of return shipping any of the damaged product. Now I just need help deciding what to do about the warped puzzles...


  1. Just my two cents - I think the warped puzzles are too warped to give the 'pleasure' of using quality materials that is a part of Montessori. But then, I haven't actually seen them ... and a discount is always tempting. Good on them for getting back to you quickly with some reasonable options. Thanks for the information.

  2. I would consider whether it will always drive you crazy whenever you look at the warped puzzles and make you wish you had better quality ones, or will you be more likely to look at them everytime and think, "I'm glad I got such a great deal."

  3. I think you should replace the warped puzzles. There are many extensions, including tracing the pieces that would be frustrating with the warped pieces.

    I have had similar experiences with Adena, and I have to say that although there have been some quality or damage issues, the customer service has always been excellent in taking care of the problem!

    I noticed you have my blog listed under the 0-6 category. Just so you know, I am also homeschooling a 6-9 student. I probably fit into the younger mold better, but just so you know! I am also a teacher and my husband is Montessori certified 6-9 & 9-12 and he provides input to all of the Montessori specific content on my blog.

    I really like your lists, they are very thorough! I have a homeschool blog carnival going on each Friday on my blog if you would like to join us!

  4. Thank you for the compliment Heidi, the list is a lot of work and I appreciate your appreciation :) I've added you to two more categories (I don't know if you clicked on the link that explained the categorization).

    I think I am going to try tracing the pieces and see what I think.