Monday, September 14, 2009

No Privacy!

I'm a mom, so you probably already knew this...but I have NO privacy!

I remember my mom yelling at us when we were kids and complaining, "Can't I even go to the bathroom alone?"

I remember us bugging her when she was in there...but bringing in a chair and a snack during my shower everyday and munching as if at a movie theater eating popcorn is just too much.


  1. You poor thing! You are right. Me Too has taken this to a new level.


  2. Rolling on the floor laughing ... that is so funny! And every mother of little ones will have been tehre ... just not with the popcorn!

  3. Just wait..its gets better. Wait until they can ask, "Momma are you alright? You are bleeding!"

    It's even better when they try to get you a band aid :)

  4. Sooo funny because I can relate!!!!

  5. Gosh, I love it. Little chair, light snack - looks like my son ( 4 ). Last week he topped it up with laughing at my pubic hair claiming there must be a hairy spider hiding in there.