Saturday, October 24, 2009


I supposed to take care of my little nephew on Friday. Unfortunately, my first task as Auntie was to set up a pack and play so he could go back to sleep when he arrived and I threw my back out doing it. The pack and play wasn't cooperating. My mother says it wasn't the pack and play, but the window washing, raking, and caulking I did on Monday. Mom is usually right, and my chiropractor agrees.

I thought I would muscle through it and would manage but by breakfast time realized I could barely walk and couldn't lift the baby.

Fortunately my Mom came to the rescue. She not only helped me hold down the fort until my SIL arrived to pick the baby up, but she also served lunch, cleaned everything up, got my kids down for naps, and stayed here while I went to the chiropractor to have whatever slipped out of place put back. While I was gone, she did two loads of laundry, cleaned my kitchen, and some vacuuming. Thanks Mom!

I didn't think I was feeling better right after my appointment, but it definitely helped. I was able to get in and out of bed and change positions last night. I am still having major problems walking and can't sit or stand for very long. This week may be light on posts, I'll have to see how things go.

Aside from the excruciating pain, so far this weekend has been a little like a vacation. I had to work for an hour and a half today (ouch!), otherwise I have been lying around while my husband does everything else. He is really fed up with the kids already. He's used to me fielding the 500 "What would happen if..." questions that Kal-El asks every day. "What would happen if Spiderman saw a bad guy?" "What would happen if you are standing on railroad tracks and you see one big headlight coming?" What would happen if a spider catches a fly in his web?" "What would happen if today was my birthday?" I think this is his version of "why." As soon as the answer is out of your mouth he starts the next question.

I felt like super-prepared Montessori mom today. At breakfast Kal-El asked, "What kind of bugs do we have in our backyard?" I pulled out our new (to us) Simon & Schuster Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders his favorite was the stinkbug, which he now likes to report "squirts stinky juice on thing that might eat him. He looked at the pictures and I just answered any questions he asked, I didn't have to come up with any on my own...he had plenty. He wanted to know their names and what they ate most of the time. His most popular question was "what do they do to humans?" In other words...will this bite me, sting me, or drink my blood? He was working on his first animal classification. However, instead of classifying them by genius his categories were "bad bug or friendly bug."


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed the recap of Kal El's "discoveries" and "what ifs". Never a dull moment at your house it seems.

    I cannot take the credit for vacuuming. That was the dog that took care of that for you:) She's pretty good at it too.

    Now if I could only get her to clean up her own fur I could probably rent her out.


  2. I also hope you feel better soon!

    Also, do you like that book a lot? I was thinking of buying it but I wasn't sure...

  3. Koko,

    Yes, we are liking that book. I picked it from about 50 they library had that day. We also bought the eyewitness books I mentioned in my library day post. They are different types of books. Both are meant for nine-year olds...but the people who come up with those designations are not Montessori people :)

    The Simon & Schuster has big, bright pictures of 4-6 insects/bugs/whatever per page with a couple of sentences accompanying. It is a little like a "field guide" for bugs. The Eyewitness books seem to have one bug per page but 4-6 photos of each bug so you can see all the parts.

    I haven't had them long, but Kal-El is really excited about it and has learned a lot already. It also seems to dovetail well with our botany puzzles.

    If you're not sure, I'd say try it from the library first and see. We always try out our books through the library before I pay full price for anything. (Although I never do, is my best friend).

  4. Thanks! I def will check it out at the library. Do you like the eyewitness ones better than the Schulster one?