Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Technological Blunder and a Great Trick

The blunder:

Just in case you needed proof that a person doesn't need to be technologically savvy in order to have a blog:

A kind soul was sweet enough to let me know yesterday that I don't have a "subscribe" button anywhere on my blog. I have now added one below the "followers" list. Subscribe away!

I use Google browser (which I love) and have a "subscribe" button up in my toolbar. I thought everyone had one. Whoops.

I apologize to anyone I have left in the lurch and will make it up to you all by passing on some cool, new (to me anyway), technological information.

The great trick:

Google provides a little button you can add to your toolbar that translates whatever web page you are on to the language of your choice. I read many blogs that are not in English. I used to open each blog I read, copy the URL, open a separate window, navigate to Google translate, and paste in the URL, then finally input the language I am translating "to" and "from." That was not very convenient. I loved it when a blog already had a "translate" tool right on the page so I installed one myself in the top-right sidebar of my blog. Feel free to use it! However, this Google tool is even better.

How to do it: Go to this page, scroll down to "get 1-click translations from your browser's toolbar," chose the language you would like from the long list and drag it up into your toolbar. Now I have a nice little button that says "English" in my toolbar! I have been using it everyday and have been really happy with it.


  1. Oh silly me, I thought you could speak French when reading my blog!

  2. Tintinabuleuse,

    I can't speak French, but I can read French. I speak Spanish and English and can read French and German. French is my worst one, so I use the translate button a lot. I always read it in French first, but if I feel like I missed a lot, or am really liking the post I translate it over.